December 2001

The Straight Grain
Volume 8 Issue 3

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Dean's Office

Ecosystem Sciences

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Correction: A recent email listed incorrect dates for the monthly meetings between the Dean and staff (someone was looking at 2001 calendar instead of 2002) -- the dates should be: December 17, january 15, February 19, March 19, April 16, May 21 and June 18. Sorry for any confusion!

Don't forget! UW Computing will be turning off support for insecure file transfer services (FTP) on December 26th. More information available at .

The CFR career fair is going to take place on January 22nd, 2002 in Mary Gates Hall.

*****Dean's Office*****
FOOD DRIVE A big thank-you to everyone who contributed to this year's food drive. The barrel was literally overflowing.

IGERT Be sure you read this week's University Week -- there is a very nice article on the IGERT program that Gordon Bradley, John Marzluff and Clare Ryan are involved with.

TOY 'N JOY HOLIDAY GIFT DRIVE As we have done in the past, there will be a toy and gift drive at the Holiday party (December 14, at 3:30 in the Forest Club Room -- plan to be there!) This is to benefit the Salvation Army. Each year, the Salvation Army hosts "Toy 'n Joy" shops that provide new toys and gift items to children from families living below the poverty level. Last year, every child in more than 3,000 families received gifts selected by their parents. So as you start your shopping, think about those who are less fortunate -- for specific suggestions, see your division secretary or check the bulletin board in the mail room, where a list is posted. If you can't make it to the party, bring your donations (new and not giftwrapped) to Sally Morgan in Anderson 107 no later than 12/14. (This is, of course, fully tax deductible.) And while we're on the subject of charitable donations, next week marks the conclusion of the Combined Fund Drive on campus -- it's not too late to participate.

THANKS to all for helping us to celebrate Chad Oliver's many years of outstanding service to CFR and to wish him well in his Yale adventure. Special thanks to Nicole Stevens and Rose Braden who did such an artistic job of setting up (contrary to rumors that we hired Saxe Floral), to Kendall Carson (without whom we would not have had CAKE), and to Greg Brazil, who is always willing to help, even when it means lugging heavy loads up and down multiple sets of stairs. Of course, the program for the party was coordinated by Jim McCarter and Kelly Duffield and thanks to all who generously helped them pull together a wonderful tribute to Chad. And thanks to Joyce Johnson, who volunteered to help but because there are so many helpful people in this College, we were able to keep her at the important task of processing our petty cash reimbursements. True to his nature, Chad tried to join the clean-up committee. Good luck, Chad, we will miss you.

The College's Workplace Quality Committee (WQC) introduces a way for all in the community to recognize individual or team efforts and accomplishments. "Kudos" will appear weekly in The Straight Grain, as long as YOU keep submitting brief items to the Grain noting your colleagues'contributions in furtherance of CFR's mission of teaching, research, and outreach, as well as contributions to strategic thinking and improving organizational culture and work environment. Keep them coming -- and stay tuned for additional recognition activities being developed by WQC!

Kudos to:
GREG BRAZIL for improving the CFR working environment. In particular, the CSS staff and director would like to recognize Greg for his persistence in helping to find a solution to the mold problem in Wink 17, and to helping with the gas "leak" in Wink 212.
KELLEY DUFFIELD for serving a free lunch last Thursday for dozens of CFR staff and faculty. The food was leftover from a class the night before, and Kelley went all out by creating a buffet that delighted us all. Thank you, Kelley!
JOHN PEREZ-GARCIA, who made a presentation on the economic impacts of Timber Substitution Rules to a Joint Select Legislative Task Force that resulted in glowing compliments at a recent CINTRAFOR Executive Board meeting. Board members complimented John for doing a good job in handling an issue that has long been controversial and divisive among different stakeholder groups. At-a-boy John!
To JERRY FRANKLIN and SARAH REICHARD, who appeared in separate items in the"Newsmakers" column of the 11/29 University Week. Jerry had been quoted in the San Jose Mercury News in reference to the regeneration of Yellowstone Park; Sarah was cited by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, discussing the impact of foreign plants and animals. It's especially notable to have them both appear at the same time, pointing out to the rest of the campus community the diverse range of accomplishments here in CFR.
STAN HUMANN, ANDY GARY, LINDA KAYE, and MARGARET LAHDE, for working, with Colleen Ponto, UWCFRAA President, and Joel Domingo, UWAA-CFR liaison on the very successful 11/2 Alumni Banquet. A large turnout enjoyed dinner at the faculty club and reminiscences by Professer Emeritus Grant Sharpe, who was the featured dinner speaker.
SANDRA SCOTT and SANDY DYE! First there was the bomb hoax, keeping them out of their office for hours just before the deadline for a recent payday. Then the university's fab new payroll system went down. SANDRA and SANDY came in that Sunday so that all of CFR's hourly personnel could get paid on time. When attendees at the November staff meeting heard about this heroic deed, Sandra and Sandy got a spontaneous ovation. Remember to tell them "thanks" next time you see them!
CINTRAFOR, which was publicly acknowledged by the US Embassy in Tokyo during a recent forest products trade mission to Japan. The Center contributed a study on the competitiveness of Japan's forestry and forest products industry to the industry and trade policy debate. Ms. Suzanne Hale, Minister-Counselor for Agriculture, told US forest product industry representatives and Ambassador Howard Baker that the CINTRAFOR research was the single biggest factor in discouraging Japan's implementation of a WTO Safeguard action restricting forest products imports. Under WTO rules an action cannot be taken if a country cannot prove injury to its domestic industry due to increased imports. Good work CINTRAFOR!
LINDA BRUBAKER, whose appointment to the Bloedel Professorship was extended for two additional years, to end on September 30, 2003. Congratulations and best wishes to Linda!
GORDON BRADLEY, LYNN CATLETT, JERRY FRANKLIN, and CHAVONDA JACOBS-YOUNG for hours of service on President McCormick's Charting Directions for the College of Forest Resources Committee.
JIM MCCARTER and KEVIN CEDAR who recently recieved a letter of appreciation from the Yurok Tribe (California) for the exceptional support received in helping the tribe use the Landscape Management System for their forest program. Good work for spreading the word far and wide!
Kudos and thank you to CAROL GREEN for her excellent ongoing work to make the Forestry Library such a vital part of CFR. Her current project, listing the publications of our faculty, is just one more example of her creative and thoughtful contributions.