February 2001

 The Straight Grain Vol. 1, Issue 2

Here it is. The Straight Grain--Part Deux. The one and only place for quick and easy access to important and exciting events happening at the University of Washington and in the College of Forest Resources.
As before, this newsletter is a collection of items that various people in the College have sent in to me. So if you've got an interesting or important or just plain funny (see attachment) bit of information that you would like to see in next week's newsletter, send it in to Adam Nance at byron@u.washington.edu. Thanks. Take care. Adam
*****Events, Seminars, Colloquims etc.*****
Tuesday, Feb. 13th. 8:30-9:30am--Jenna Scholz, graduate student here at CFR, will speak at the "Tuesday Morning Get-Together" in Anderson 22. Topic TBA. 11:30-12:20pm--Vic Snyder, from the Career Center, will give a seminar titled "On-Campus Resources for Job Searching" in Anderson 10. Friday, Feb. 16th. 1:00-2:30--Faculty meeting in Anderson 22. Topic: Curriculum.
1. Faculty candidates Tina Cade and Sarah Reichard will be on campus and available for meetings with individual faculty members on Thursdays and Fridays during coming weeks. Tina Cade will be on campus February 22nd and 23, and Sarah Reichard will be on campus March 1st and 2nd. Each candidate will be available for meetings with individual faculty members or groups from 12:30-5:00 on Thursdays and 8:30-5:00 on Fridays (except during lunch, when graduate students will meet with the candidates). If you would like to meet with any of the candidates, please call or email Lynn Catlett @ 543-2740 or lcatlett@u.washington.edu.
*****Pack Forest News*****
1. Precommercial thinning has been completed on about 120 acres of plantations. Approximately 400 acres are included in this largest ever precommercial thinning contract at Pack Forest.
2. The Stand Dynamics course has been concluded; thirty-two students attended the week-long Continuing Education course.
3. All 20 new computers have been installed and are in service.
4. Jerry Block has returned to light duty service after an extended absence.
5. Two volunteer service projects are scheduled this weekend; local 4-H horsemen are providing maintenance on trails used in their competitive ride program and Boy Scouts are installing an interpretive trail in the plantation habitat demonstration area that was set up last fall by the FEIS class.
*****CUH News*****
1. Don't forget to come to EHUF 561, Thursday, Feb. 15, at 1:30 to hear the following student's presentations: Tara Goldsmith, Laura Truesdale, Ray Larson, Gemma Alexander. Talks are held in the Isaacson Classroom, CUH.
2. Don't forget the Flower and Garden Show that runs through Sunday. Be sure to say hello to all our CFR/WPA/CUHers working in the seminar rooms and various booths and gardens.
*****Arboretum News*****
1. The Arboretum Garden at the NW Flower and Garden show won one of the few awards given during this event. It was the Pacific Horticulture award. This award typifies the best use of plants in a northwest garden.
2. The visitor's center is looking for students to work as evening and weekend evening security for social events and meetings. We are also looking for weekend managers to meet and greet visitors from all around the world. Hourly pay starts at $7.50. Call Annie, building manager, at (206) 543-8801 Mon - Fri 9am - 430pm, or leave a message
3. John Wott's JPEG contribution to this week's newsletter is attached.
*****Arbor Day Fair*****
Just a quick note to let you know that on April 25, 26, 27, 2001 we will have over 2100 k-3 aged kids here for Arbor Day Fair, the award winning CFR Alumni Association event. Many of you are already involved in the effort THANK YOU - if you would like to volunteer some time during the fair, let us know by sending an email to arborday@u.washington.edu. In the subject line put "I volunteer". We will contact you about details. The fair continues to be a great success - we used a lottery system to select classes to attend again this year - unfortunately over 900 youngsters were turned away. -Submitted by Don Hanley.
*****Student Services News*****
1. We are finally starting our monthly newsletter from Student Services. We have been trying to get this going for a while...and now it's a reality! The new "A WORD FROM THE WOODS" will have a calendar of Student Services and other administrative deadlines, as well as a feature a 'student of the month', student award kudos, and current Student Services projects. We are hoping this will help us serve CFR better and keep the communication strong. Our first issue will be out next week!
2. We had a great recruitment event on January 18th in Mary Gates Hall. Russ Posten was Smokey Bear, and we had many students stop by and ask questions. Thanks to all who helped and participated!
3. Our 4th Annual Career Fair was January 25th. We had 15 vendors attend, all with a lot of jobs for our students! DNR, Weyerhaeuser and Oregon Dept of Forestry also conducted interviews. Our job board currently features the Career Fair attendees...check it out! Thanks to Jeff, Russ and Christi for a great event!
4. Graduate applications are piling in and being sent out to faculty for evaluation. We have 185 Autumn applicants so far! Wow!
5. Don't forget! The last day to make changes to the Spring Time Schedule is February 15th, the first day of Spring Quarter registration. More in "A Word from the Woods" coming out next week.
6. Our first Monthly Student Appreciation/Feedback event was held January 31st. We will be holding these monthly in celebration of student birthdays, while giving the students a chance to give us feedback.

The Straight Grain Vol. 1, Issue 3

*****Events, Seminars, Colloquims etc.*****
Monday, February 26th 11:00-12:00pm--CFR monthly staff meeting in Anderson 22.
Tuesday, February 27th. 2:00-4:00pm--Farewell party for Rosemary Johnson in Anderson 216. Rosemary says, "Don't be shy, bring all the gifts you like!" Her last day will be Friday, March 2.
Wednesday, February 28th. 1:00-5:00pm--The Denman Forestry Issues Series addresses the topic, "Calculating the Sustainable Harvest in the 21st Century" in Kane Hall room 45. Joining the faculty will be Dr. John Beuter, of Duck Creek Associates, Inc. John is an expert on the calculation of sustainable harvests and a courtesy professor of forest management at Oregon State University.
Thursday, March 1st. 10:30am--The final candidate for the EHUF faculty position, Dr. Sarah Reichard, will speak at CUH. Friday March 2nd. 2:30 Sam Pittman will be holding his masters defense in Anderson 22. The title is: Applying coupled allometric relations to forest stand dynamics: an application to douglas-fir plantation forestry.
*****Ecosystem Sciences*****
1. FREE PUBLICITY! Students! Instructors! Take advantage of this new forum to announce thesis defenses, seminar presentations, class-related poster sessions, etc.
2. SOME DAYS ARE MORE STRESSFUL THAN OTHERS A lot of change ... lack of needed change ... looming budget cuts ... too much work ... not enough help ... frustration, worry, anger. All this can add up until it's hard to get through a day. Two useful tools help:
1) REMEMBER TO BREATHE! Sounds too simple, but a little oxygen to the brain will cool and clear one's thinking amazingly!
2) REMEMBER RICHARD'S RULES! To remind those who might have forgotten:

"ASSUME GOOD INTENTIONS" Richard's First Rule might be the hardest of all, but it's the most important. The scars of old disputes and errors--financial loss, hurt feelings, anger, suspicion, reflex hostility--are hard to overcome. In fact though, however attractive the thought, none of us can change the past; we can only work in the present on improving the future. So, take that deep breath and *work* at being objective. Yes, some individuals in the world are invested in discord but most want as much as you do to live and work harmoniously and productively. Give each other the benefit of that inclination. (Keep your eyes open for a detailed look at Richard's 2nd Rule, "Don't Go Over Someone's Head" in the next issue of the Straight Grain.
*****Center for Urban Horticulture*****
You can still send contributions to the Wendy Wayne Sunshine fund by mailing a check made out to 'Sunshine Fund' with 'for Wendy Wayne' as a side notation on the check. The address to send it to is: Sunshine Fund c/o Carolyn Hescock Crater Lake National Park P.O. Box 7 Crater Lake, Oregon 97604 All proceeds will be turned directly over to Chris Wayne, Wendy's husband. The Sunshine Fund is simply a way to make the funds more easily available for Wendy and Chris. Additionally, if you feel you are unable to donate at this time, but do know of a time in the future when it would be more feasible, the fund will be accepting donations for Wendy for some time to come.
*****Pack Forest*****
1. Conference users since the last Straight Grain have been The Heritage Institute, who have been at Pack Forest for many years, with their field study, "Animals in Winter". There were ten attendees. Also, approximately 25 attended the U of W Comparative History "Identity Program" and 15 attended the U of W English Department writing retreat. At this retreat, attendees honed their skills in technical writing within their respective discipline areas.
2. Drought conditions are beginning to show their seasonal influence at Pack Forest already, with reduction in flow from the water supply spring. Evaluations of alternative storage and supply have begun.
*****Washington Park Arboretum*****
1 . The heavy wet snow of Friday, February 9th impacted the Washington Park Arboretum plants. The entire field crew has spent this entire week and will continue into next week on cleanup. Both city and UW crews are heavily involved. No large trees went down, but numerous medium to small trees collapsed or broke apart. Noteworthy are several older Japanese flowering cherries along Azalea Way, an oak near the Wilcox Bridge, crabapples, pines, hawthornes, and parts of numerous magnolias. The Acer 'Sango Kaku' in the winter garden and a Quercus suber (cork oak) were broken. Christina Pfeiffer
2. Tour de Force, major feature by John A. Wott, American Nurseryman, 193(4): 68-74. February 15, 2001.
3. Betty McConaughy, a staff member in the Department of Botany, recently passed away. Memorial contributions are being directed to the renovation of the camellia collecion in the Washington Park Arboretum. They can be sent to Director Wott, payable to the Unviversity of Washington. 4. The public hearing mandated as one of the last steps for approval of the Washington Park Arboretum Master Plan has been set for Wednesday, March 28th at 5:30 pm in the City Council Chambers. Major votes for approval are expected in the City Council shortly thereafter.
*****CFR Quarterly Newsletter*****
Cecilia Paul is pleased to receive items of interest for inclusion in the end of quarter newsletter -- publications, public service, outreach, research, awards, projects, class field trips or any other events occurring during Winter Quarter '01 that you'd like to share with the CFR and the wider community. Send items to Celcilia via email cece@u.washington.edu or to 107E Anderson by 3/5/01. Thanks for your help!
*****CFR Alumni Association*****
1. CFRAA Seeks Nominees for Honored, Honorary and Distinguished Achievement Alumni Awards. Each year the College of Forest Resources Alumni Association (CFRAA) honors outstanding alumni and friends of the College during the CFRAA Annual Banquet. The Awards Committee would like your help this year in establishing a list of nominees. The award categories are as follows: Honored Alumnus Award: first presented in 1947, recognizes the contributions of all alumni who live in the Northwest and are able to work closely with the College administration and the Alumni Association. Honorary Alumnus Award: recognizes non-alumni who have made significant contributions to the development of the College. These contributions take many forms, including financial. Distinguished Achievement Award: honors CFR alumni who have achieved distinction in their careers but are located remotely from the campus. It is therefore difficult for them to engage in Association activities and direct development of the College. However, their achievements have and do bring honor and credit to the College. If you would like to submit a nomination(s), please indicate what category, the name of the nominee(s), address and phone of nominee(s), why the nominee(s) should be considered for the award, along with your name and phone number (in case we have additional questions). Please email all information to Tom Friberg ^70, ^76 at tom.friberg@weyerhaeuser.com, or mail in nominations to Andy Gary, CFR Alumni Relations, Box 352100, University of Washington, Seattle, WA, 98195-2100 or call (206) 685-6606. We would like to receive all nominations by May 30, 2001. Thank you for your help in honoring our alumni and friends.
2. CFR faculty and staff are invited to help shape the program for the upcoming Alumni Camp at Pack Forest (July 20-22). The camp was great fun last summer, with activites geared for all ages -- ranging from hikes, arts and crafts, scavenger hunts and wildlife walks to testing out GIS systems, winetasting, and campfires. Lou Whittaker was our featured speaker. We would like to offer faculty and staff the opportunity to bring your family to the weekend, on us, if you could lend us some time and your expertise. We are still creating the camp program, and are seeking volunteers and program ideas. Guests are CFR alumni and their families. We had 60-plus guests with ages ranging from one year to 81 years. Our theme is outdoor family fun with some education thrown in. Questions? Contact **Andy Gary** Development Coordinator, at agary@u.washington.edu or call 685-6606.
*****Arbor Day Fair*****
Just a quick note to let you know that on April 25, 26, 27, 2001 we will have over 2100 k-3 aged kids here for Arbor Day Fair, the award winning CFR Alumni Association event. Many of you are already involved in the effort THANK YOU - if you would like to volunteer some time during the fair, let us know by sending an email to arborday@u.washington.edu. In the subject line put "I volunteer". We will contact you about details. The fair continues to be a great success - we used a lottery system to select classes to attend again this year - unfortunately over 900 youngsters were turned away.
*****The Graduate School*****
The Graduate School is pleased to announce the annual competition for Huckabay Teaching Fellowships. These awards are made possible by an endowment from UW alumni Durward and Susan Huckabay. Fellowships are awarded to fund projects related to teaching that are collaborations between a graduate student and a faculty mentor at one of the UW campuses or at another nearby institution. At a time when national studies are calling for more breadth in U.S. graduate education, the Huckabay endowment broadens doctoral study by providing increased emphasis on the preparation for teaching as an important part of graduate education. If you would like more information or applications, please go to: http://www.grad.washington.edu/pff/huckabay.htm Applications are due in the Graduate School by March 30, 2001.
*****Student Services*****
The Fourth Annual Undergraduate Research Symposium will be on May 4, 2001. This event offers a wonderful forum for your students to gain experience presenting their work, and to engage in scholarly discussion with other students and faculty. I hope that you will encourage undergraduates who are working with you, your research group, or your department, to present their work in this year's event. The symposium will take place from noon - 5 p.m. on May 4, 2001 in Mary Gates Hall. A preliminary agenda, information, and electronic application form for student presenters may be found at: http://www.washington.edu/research/urp/symp Student applications are due March 1, 2001. Please help us pass the word.