July 2001

The Straight Grain Volume 5, Issue 2
Table of Contents
Dean's Office
Personnel changes
Employee service awards
Policy change for Anderson 22
18th annual International Forest Products Markets Conference
Business Operations
Cut off dates for paperwork
Canopy Crane
7th Annual Science Conference

Hello everyone. I didn't send out a Straight Grain on Friday becuase with the holiday and all, things are pretty quiet here in CFR. Not too much to report. Please send me items as they come to your attention and I will send out another Straight Grain either this Firday or next Friday. -Adam
*****Dean's Office*****
As announced in the minutes from the Management Counsel's June 22 meeting, shortly we will be advertising for a College administrator. Geetha Sukamaran and Gordon Hammond, as well as any other person, may apply. Our intent is to hire the best qualified person we can find who simultaneously possesses the personal qualifications most compatible with other members of the Deans's Office. Cecilia Paul has been retained on the Dean's Office staff to assist with development, communication, planning, reporting and compliance. We are extremely pleased that Cecilia will stay with us. Marianne Elliott (melliott@u.washington.edu) will be employed over the Summer (and perhaps longer) to assist the Dean's Office in updating the CFR web page. She will be seeking the assistance of many CFR personnel in this endeavor. Adam Nance will assist Marianne in this activity. Greg Brazil is our new temporary building coordinator (our new Carl) here in the Dean's office. Please stop by and say hello. Greg is also going to be in charge of the building keys for Bloedel, Winkenwerder and Anderson. He is going to confine his key duties to the hours of 3:30 and 5:00 Monday-Friday. So if you need keys, please stop by during those hours.
As you may know, the University celebrates important employee milestones with Service Awards specially selected for the 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 year annivrsaries. However, (and I know you'll find this hard to believe) the data base that is used has many 'gaps of understanding' and misses lots of people. If you have passed one of these anniversaries and have NOT received recognition, please email Sally (slm@). The service period does not have to have been all with CFR, but does have to be continuous employment (i.e., only count the years since you got back from your 3 years in the Outback).
*****Policy Change for Anderson 22*****
The Anderson 22 Seminar Room is scheduled for some improvements in the next few months. The first steps have to do with cleaning the room and making it more secure. Last week the carpet was cleaned and the lock on the door to the room has been changed. Next, the windows will be altered so that they cannot be opened completely (avoiding the intruders like those we had last year). Also this summer new storage cabinets will be installed so that the supplies for the room can be kept more organized and accessible to users. A telephone line and handset have been installed for meetings with conference calls. In the works are new furniture, paint, technology, etc. We hope to get most of these updates completed before fall quarter when use of the room gets busy. The on-line reservation system is still the best way to reserve the room: http://www.cfr.washington.edu/Outreach/Anderson22/Anderson22.html
CINTRAFOR is holding its 18th annual International Forest Products Markets in conjunction with the 3rd annual Asian Housing Export Markets conference on September 24-26 at the Sea-Tac Marriott. The International Forest Products Markets conference will include market outlooks for timber, logs, chips, and other forest products, as well as a number of special topics. The Asian Housing Export Markets conference will include overviews of leading destinations for wood frame housing and building materials, advice about doing business in these markets, information about picking joint venture partners, and successful export strategies of leading suppliers. This year's conference themes will include: Macro-economic overview: will we have a soft landing? Financial trends and timber values Economic outlook for Asian markets Overview of log, lumber, panel, and chip markets Forest certification: Regulations to retail markets Opportunities and obstacles in China and other emerging markets Regulatory reform and economics in Japan, China, and Korea For more information about the conference and to register see the conference website at: http://www.cfr.washington.edu/outreach/ifpm/ifpmConference.htm
*****Business Operations*****
Per earlier notification Purchase Orders cut off date for this Biennium was June 22 2001. The cut off dates for the following are as follows: Travel Expense Vouchers 07/09/01 ISD/CTIs 07/16/01 Cash Transmittals 06/29/01 (Noon) Retroactive Salary Transfers 07/13/01 Journal Vouchers 07/16/01 Any questions please contact Joyce Johnson.
*****Canopy Crane*****
Report on Wind River Canopy Crane 7th Annual Science Conference The University of Washington’s Wind River Canopy Crane Research Facility conducted its annual science conference on June 20-22 at its field location just north of the Columbia River Gorge near Carson, Washington. Over 100 scientists, resource managers, teachers, and students from more than 20 educational institutions and resource agencies attended the three days of meetings, some coming from as far away as Great Britain and Japan. Scientists using the crane in their research are required to attend the annual science meeting and report on their findings as well as to listen to other reports on research at the crane site. This was the seventh meeting since the crane became operational in 1995. The canopy research facility is a collaborative effort among the University of Washington, US Forest Service Pacific Northwest Research Station, and the Gifford Pinchot National Forest. UW College of Forest Resources’ personnel actually operate large construction crane, which is located in a 500-year-old Douglas-fir—western hemlock forest. The crane is 285 feet tall and provides access to 5.6 acres of forest canopy. There were 36 formal scientific reports and many other presentations at the conference. A panel discussion involving scientists and forest managers was a new feature of the conference. Scientific reports at this meeting covered a broad range of topics about northwestern forest ecosystems from the ecology of dwarf mistletoe, a parasitic plant that grows on western hemlock, to effects of defoliating (leaf eating) insects. The carbon cycle and role of forests in regulating greenhouse gases, especially carbon dioxide, was a major topic taking up over half of the entire meeting. Much of the research at the crane facility is funded by the U. S. Department of Energy’s Western Global Environmental Change program. This research is focused on the carbon cycle of forests, including the conditions under which forests absorb and store more carbon than they release. The studies include comparisons of carbon uptake and storage in the old-growth stand with younger forests in the same area. One notable trend in the research at the site is that more of the studies are being conducted in young managed forests (20- to 40-year-old) and mature (100- to 150-year old) stands on the Wind River Experimental Forest in addition to 500-year-old forest at the crane site itself. One objective of this expansion is to make the scientific studies more relevant to the forest conditions that dominate much of the southern Washington Cascade Range.

The Straight Grain Volume 5, Issue 3
Table of Contents
Dean's Office

Staff Meeting Change
Crunch Time in Financial Services
Service Awards
Royalty Research Fund
Management and Engineering
Gearup Program
Computing News
Great Deals on Adobe Software
Thursday, July 12 Jim Helfield will be defending his doctoral dissertation: "Interactions of Salmon, Bear and Riparian Vegetation in Alaska" at 10:00am in Rm 22 Anderson Hall.
*****Dean's Office*****
With so many people out of town now (and so many others very busy with year-end and new biennium activities), the Staff meeting scheduled for Wednesday, July 11, is being postponed until September. Plan on donuts with the Dean on Tuesday, September 18, 9:30 - 10:30.
Congratulations to Linda Brubaker and Doug Sprugel among the faculty and Phil Higuera and Cara Nelson, graduate students. They each received recognition from the undergraduate students they worked with who participated in the 2001 Undergraduate Research symposium. The testimonials were included in a booklet published by the Dean of Undergraduate Education, Fred Campbell.
Hooray! the biennium close is over! No, actually, it's not -- the folks in the Business Office are still very busy and will be for another couple of weeks as all of the deadlines are met. Let's make life easier for them by holding off on routine transactions for a few weeks. Obviously, urgent business will be dealt with promptly, but it will help take the pressure off if they aren't bombarded by more routine things. Thanks to everyone involved with the end of the biennium crunch -- your work makes it possible for the rest of us to do our work!
Clarification of Service Award announcement. In a recent Straight Grain, I asked for anyone who had not received their anniversary Service Awards from the University to contact me. Unfortunately, I neglected to clarify that the service awards are part of the staff recognition program and are only applicable to permanent classified or professional staff -- sorry, faculty members -- please be assured that you are well appreciated, but the University doesn't have an anniversary gift for you.
Royalty Research Fund: the next round of proposals are due Monday, September 24, 2001. See Sally Morgan for a copy of the application materials, or download them from http://depts.washington.edu/or/orhome.html.
*****Management and Engineering*****
The Forest Club Room will host 45 students from Lower Yakima area Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings. They will be taking course on Creativity & Innovation from Profs. Allan and Royzen under the GEARUP program. This is part of an NSF program to encourage kids at an early age from disadvantaged home backgrounds to think of university based careers.
The University of Washington entered into a great program giving us substantial discounts on Adobe products ( Adobe Writer, Photoshop etc...) Please contact me prior to your purchase. I can save you lots of $$$$.
Adobe Acrobat 5.0 UW Bookstore $59.95 Our Cost is $19.71
Photoshop 6.0 UW Bookstore $299.95 Our Cost is $ 97.40
The big difference is that we buy licensing ONLY (no tech support or manuals) Please let me know if I can help you with your technology purchases. -Marc Morrison

The Straight Grain Volume 5, Issue 4
Table of Contents
Dean's Office
News from the Arboretum
News from Pack Forest
Faculty Web Page Updates
*****Dean's Office*****
Acting Dean Bare will be on vacation until July 27th. See Associate Dean Bob Edmonds for signatures; Sally Morgan is also available to help or schedule appointments.
The Arboretum has two new summer interns. Liz Burkholz, Arizona State University, is working with Monica Ravin in the education department. She is developing projects for the Saplings (K-8) projects. Ryan Garrison, Michigan State University is working with Randall Hitchin in the curation office. Ryan is conducting a field inventory of collection holdings in the northern part of the Arboretum. Elaine Anderson, volunteer coordinator for the Arboretum Foundation, has broken her right hand. It required major surgery and she will need a cast for at least three months. Several people attended the annual meeting of the American Association of Botanical Gardens and Arboreta in Denver, CO. including Randall Hitchin, Monica Ravin, and Deborah Andrews, and John A. Wott.
*****Pack Forest*****
The Science in Tribal Education Program (STEP) utilized the Pack Forest facilities and forest June 24 - July 1. In all 22 students participated in the program, coordinated by Dr. Nan Little of the College of Ocean and Fishery Sciences and Glen Yallup of the College of Forest Resources. The Pack Forest Conference Center was extremely busy in June. Groups who were here covered a spectrum, ranging from the Natural Resource Institute to Dr. Chuck Henry who, along with grad students Karen Bergeron and Sean Smuckler held a three day restoration workshop. Other groups included the Puyallup police dept, UW-Tacoma Education, the Federal Restoration Workshop, the Washington State Recycling Association, the UW Orientation Office and CFR CE Network 2000. Numerous forest tours were also conducted by Donna Chapman, Pack's Information Specialist, for elementary schools, scouting programs and outside groups.
*****Faculty Web Page Updates*****
Marianne Elliott (melliott@u...) is working on the CFR website this summer and plans to update the faculty web pages. Some of you have asked how to change or put new information on these pages. Check out your faculty web page (http://www.cfr.washington.edu/People/faculty.html ) and see if there are any changes you would like, then send it to her in email. Here is the basic information that will appear on everyone's page: Name, title, division, area of interest Address Phone/fax Email URL of your home page if you have one (If you have a personal web page on one of the UW servers that you would like linked to your CFR page) Photograph (if you want) Additional info such as degrees, courses taught, research interests, current research projects, and recent publications can be included if you don't have a web page with that info on it and just want to do something simple on the CFR site.

The Straight Grain Volume 6, Issue 1
Table of Contents
Tuesday, July 31, 10:00 - 11:30, Forest Club room: Dr. Melih Boydak, visiting professor from the University of Istanbul, Turkey will present: "Cedar of Lebanon Forests of Turkey" Coffee and tea will be served. (More below under Outreach) Thursday, August 2nd, 10:00 - 11:30, Forest Club room: Dr. Melih Boydak, visiting professor from the University of Istanbul, Turkey will present: "Forestry in Turkey." Coffee and tea will be served. (More below under Outreach) Friday August 10th, 7:30am - 9:00am, Faculty Club: Dr. Graham Allan presents "Creativity in the Work Place." Professor Allan will talk about how to release your innate creativity into the workplace and how this can make your job more fun and productive. Registration is $9.75 before August 6, 2001, and is $15.00 after August 6th, 2001. You can register at http://www.washington.edu/admin/traindev/networkreg.html
June Powers had major back surgery two weeks ago. The surgery went very well and the prognosis is for a quick recovery. However, "quick" in this kind of situation means about 3 months. Best wishes to June for a comfortable recuperation.
The CFR Forms web page has a new addition, the monthly Leave Report. It is interactive and ready to go at: http://www.cfr.washington.edu/Internal/Forms/forms.html
The UW College of Forest Resources is hosting two free lectures to be given my Dr. Melih Boydak, visiting professor from the University of Istanbul, Turkey. Both lectures will be held from 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM in the Byron and Alice Lockwood Forest Club Room located in Anderson Hall, room 207, on the UW campus in Seattle. Coffee and tea will be served. Reservations are not required. "Cedar of Lebanon Forests of Turkey"- July 31, 2001 Cedar of Lebanon is a historic and Biblical tree once found in much of the northeastern Mediterranean Sea area. Except for a few remnants, it is now found primarily in the Taurus Mountains of southern Asia Minor, Turkey. In these mountains there are several hundred thousand acres of these forests, from young stands to thousand-year-old stands with trees greater than 6 feet in diameter. Turkey is protecting these forests, replanting them, and providing values to the local people who have lived among them for thousands of years. Professor Boydak has been recognized internationally for his work on restoring these forests using silvicultural methods. He will show slides of the forests, the surrounding areas, and the practices used to manage them so they are sustained for future generations. "FORESTRY IN TURKEY" - August 2, 2001 Despite Hittite, Amazon, Phoenecian, Greek, Roman, Crusader, Byzantine, and Turkish civilizations having inhabited Turkey for thousands of years, Turkey has a diversity of forests that cover one fourth of the country. The different forests resemble the forests of the United States. The varied landscapes and climates-and lack of a recent Ice Age-has left an abundance of species greater than in most of Europe. Professor Boydak has been recognized internationally for his work in locating and protecting native plant diversity and in enhancing these forests for a variety of commodity and non-commodity values using silvicultural methods. He will show slides of the forests and the practices used to manage them so they are useful to present generations and sustained for future generations.
The national SAF meeting is coming up fast: September 13-17, 2001, Adam's Mark Hotel, Denver, Colorado. If you register on-line before July 31st your save $50!. Nationally known author, historian, and McArthur Fellow Patricia Limerick will share her knowledge as a longtime observer of Western history. Her keynote address will set the stage for the many concurrent sessions dealing with issues that are so critical to the interplay of resource management practices and the ecology of public lands. Registration form on-line: https://www.safnet.org/commerce/convregform.htm
In case you missed it, check out the great articles written by Val Easton, Librarian - CUH Miller Library, that appeared in the July 8th edition of "Pacific Northwest", the magazine section of the Seattle Times. From the "Indispensable Plants" list to the Passionate Fantasy" garden in Kirkland, you will certainly be impressed at how Val, like many of our comrades at CUH, take the university to the people. http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/pacificnw/2001/0708/