October 2001

The Straight Grain Volume 8 Issue 1

Table of Contents

Dean's Office
Continuing Education and Outreach
Financial Services
Wind River Canopy Crane
Center for Urban Horticulture
Washington Park Arboretum

Saturday, 10/27 Sammamish ReLeaf: help restore Sammamish River habitat by pulling invasive plants and planting native plants. Bring work gloves & a shovel. 10AM-2PM, Blyth Park & Horse Creek, Bothell. Call to pre-register: 425-486-7430.

Also Saturday, 10/27 Fall for Salmon: help salmon habitat by planting trees along streams. 9AM-1PM, Red Town Meadow at Cougar Mountain, Issaquah. Call to pre-register: 206-296-2990.

DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME STARTS THIS WEEKEND http://webexhibits.org/daylightsaving/b.html

This Sunday, October 28th the Arboretum has two FREE Weekend Family Events! A Halloween Storyvine will be presented by professional storyteller Kathy Currie from 11-noon at the Graham Visitors Center. For kids ages 7-12 there will be a Batty Arboretum Adventure from 1-2 pm at the Graham Visitors Center. Learn the truth about bats this Halloween and make a Bat Action Book!

The documentary "Giant Cranes" is scheduled to air on the Discovery Channel Nov. 2 at 10 p.m. PST. (more info below under "Wind River")

All-College faculty meeting November 7th in the Forest Club Room 1:30-3:30. Free panel discussion titled: What role do community members play in the success of landscape restorations? The panel will be held Thursday, November 8 from 9-Noon in Douglas Classroom at the Center for Urban Horticulture. (more info below under "CUH")

Hold the Date: CFR Holiday Party December 14th in the Forest Club Room 3:30~??? :^)

*****Dean's Office*****
Announcement from the Dean's office: Karen Russell will be the designated signor of GC-1 forms and other proposal-relating paperwork. In the event of her absence and Acting Dean Bare, Associate Dean Bob Edmonds is also authorized to sign these documents.

Who do I email for ___________?
Computer questions: cfrhelp@u...
Events/Calendar items: cfrevent@u...
Payroll questions: cfrpay@
Rm. 22 reservations: cfrevent@
Student questions: cfradv@
Travel questions: cfrtrvl@

There's so much going on we decided to just give you the links!

October 29 - Society of American Foresters meeting

November 2 - CFR Fall 2001 Research & Outreach Showcase

November 8 - UW government Relations Brown Bag Seminar

November 13 - Climate Change, Carbon, and Forestry in Northwestern North America

December 2-4 - Organizational Learning: Adaptive Management for Salmon Conservation

December 10-12 - International Mountain Logging & 11th Pacific Northwest Skyline Symposium

*****Financial Services*****
Just a reminder: In order to address issues regarding workload and process improvement in the Business/Financial Services Office, we will be closing the doors for an hour at the beginning and end of each day, on a trial basis. New office hours will be 9am to 4pm - **OR BY APPOINTMENT**. We would like to try this new schedule through January, then evaluate. If you see an immediate problem with this, please let me know. -Karen Russell

*****Wind River Canopy Crane*****
The documentary "Giant Cranes" is scheduled to air on the Discovery Channel Nov. 2 at 10 p.m. PST. This is a program about construction cranes which filmed a segment at the Wind River crane -- this promises to be a very interesting show, and good exposure for CFR's work down there. For more information or to verify airtime (it has been changed before & it could happen again), you can check for yourself at the Discovery Channel website: http://dsc.discovery.com/schedule/weekly.jsp?channel=DSC#
Go to "View the Calendar," then to the month of November and to Nov. 2.

*****Center for Urban Horticulture*****
Sustainable Community Landscapes is sponsoring a free panel discussion titled: What role do community members play in the success of landscape restorations? The panel will be held Thursday November 8 from 9-Noon in Douglas Classroom at the Center for Urban Horticulture. Representatives from volunteer organizations, educational groups, and non-profit organizations will be speaking. All are welcome. Please RSVP to Angie Cahill at acahill@u.washington.edu or 543-6828.

Cherries in the Landscape, Tuesday, November 6, 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., NHS Hall, CUH For this all-day program we have assembled a regional group of experts to discuss topics including insect and disease identification and management, selection of resistant cultivars, and the results of recent studies on brown rot by the staff at the Washington Park Arboretum.
Speakers are:
Dr. Linda Chalker-Scott , CUH
Jenny Glass Plant Diagnostician, WSU Puyallup Plant Clinic
Keith Warren, Horticulturist, J. Frank Schmidt Nursery, Orring, OR
Dr. Lynell Tanigoshi, Associate Entomologist, WSU Department of Entomology, Vancouver Research Extension Unit
Chris Pfeiffer, Horticulturist, Washington Park Arboretum Restoration Horticulture,

Tuesday, November 13, 9 a.m. to noon, NHS Hall, CUH
Topics to be covered include setting up a seed collection program, proper cultural practices for long-term health, and special considerations for reintroducing rare plant species.
Dr. Kern Ewing, Associate Professor of Urban Ecology, CUH
Dr. Linda Chalker-Scott, Associate Professor of Plant Stress Physiology, CUH
Dr. Sarah Reichard, Assistant Professor, Conservation Biology

Gardening in Four Layers, Wednesday, November 7, 7 to 9 p.m., Douglas Classroom, CUH. Instructor: Carrie Becker, one of the lead designers of perennial borders at Bellevue Botanical Gardens. Lecture/slide show to show how gardens are constructed in layers, and how the time element is a factor in good garden design.

Landscaping with Native Plants, Thursday, November 8, 7 to 8:30 p.m., Douglas Classroom, CUH. Instructor: Allen Davenport, Master Gardener How to make your yard a haven for all species, not just the human kind.

*****Washington Park Arboretum*****
Come walk on the wild side, well anyway, the bright side. Visit the Washington Park Arboretum and see the changing array of leaves before they are all gone!

The Straight Grain Volume 7 Issue 4

Table of Contents
Dean's Office
Ecosystem Sciences
Student Services
Continuing Education

All College staff meeting in the Graham Visitor's center at the Arboretum, Tuesday 10/16, 10:30-11:30am.

Environmental Opportunities Fair, Thursday October 18th 10:00am-2:00pm Mary Gates Hall Commons. For more info stop by Student Services in Anderson 115.

Lecture titled "Mao's War Against Nature: Lessons for Today" Thursday, October 18, 2001. Judith Shapiro, Co-Director, Environmental Policy MA Program, American University presenting. Thomson 317, 3:30-5:00

Hold the date: the CFR Holiday Party will be on Friday, December 14. Don't miss it!

A new link has been added to the lower area of the CFR home page: "Coming Events" http://www.cfr.washington.edu/Outreach/cfrevent/cfrevent.htm This new web page contains a chronological list of events that members of the CFR community believe will be of interest to everyone. The page is managed by Patricia Gomez, Extension and Outreach Program Coordinator. To have an event listed, just go to the page (make sure on one else has listed it) then click the email address, cfrevent@u.washington.edu. Make sure that your message includes all of the information needed for the web page (event date, official name, physical location, contact for more information). Patricia will receive your email and post your event.

*****Dean's Office*****
Excerpt from Dean's email to Faculty and Staff 10/12/01 titled: "Anderson Hall Basement Problems"
"The memo conveys that the mold in the basement tunnels is still a matter of concern. This is a result of steam leakage over a period of time. It appears that the mold is restricted to the basement at this time, but spores are present in occupied portions of the building. Room 22 remains closed until the access plate to the basement tunnels is closed and spore levels return to normal. As the tunnel spaces are dried, we expect the odors in the building to return to normal as well. If this does not happen, additional steps will be taken. Exposure to mold sources (believed only to be in the tunnels) is to be avoided as it may be related to development of an asthma-like condition, which apparently depends on individual sensitivity to fungal fragments (broken pieces of the mold cell walls) rather than mold spores or odors. Because of these potential health effects, actions should be taken to reduce potential mold exposures in the occupied areas of Anderson Hall. As a pre-caution, Room 22 remains closed. "We will keep everyone informed as we learn additional facts." -Bruce Bare

The text of the memo from Environmental Health and Safety referred to above was included in the original email from Bruce. This memo will also be posted in public areas in Anderson, Bloedel, and Winkenwerder and at remote CFR sites.

Results of the coffee tasting last week: the darkest roast was the clear favorite and the lightest was the least well liked. The coffees ranked as follows (best to worst) 6th Avenue Bistro, Post Alley, Seasons Best, Grand Central, and Columbian. We'll be switching in the near future and should have much improved pricing, too; as soon as I get the final word from the sales rep, I'll let you know. More than 2 dozen people participated -- thanks to each of you!

*****Ecosystem Sciences*****
Take the Captain's chair in Spaceship Winkenwerder! Part-time student worker(s) needed to help keep the Division of Ecosystem Sciences on course while Lynn Catlett is away for two weeks 11/5-16. Please email Lynn (lcatlett@u) with your interest AND CLASS SCHEDULE. Pay is low ($7/hr) but fun quotient is high.

Undergraduate and graduate student reps (one or more of each) are needed to serve on Ecosystem Science Division Faculty Committee for the 01-02 academic year. Involves: a one-hour meeting every other Tuesday at 1:30 (current dates and locations will soon be available on CFR web site at http://www.cfr.washington.edu/Internal/ Organization/FacSched.htm), sharing information gained with your fellow students, and voicing your concerns and opinions as a student on topics as they arise. If you are interested, please contact Lynn Catlett (3-2740, lcatlett@u). NOTE TO THE COMMUNITY: All meetings of the Division of Ecosystem Science faculty are public meetings, except those meetings or parts of meetings dealing with personnel or other sensitive matters. Students and staff are welcome to attend.

Saturday, 11/3, King County Dept of Natural Resources is sponsoring a "Native Plant Dig-a-Rama" at an Issaquah construction site: 9:00-12:30 digging; 12:30-4:00 potting at holding facility. Contact Greg Rabourn (206-296-1923 or greg.rabourn@metrokc.gov) if you plant to participate. DRIVING INSTRUX: TO SALVAGE SITE: from I-405 or I-5, head east on I-90 and take Exit 15, 900 West. Stay in the right lane. Turn right at the light on 17th Ave NW, drive a little over 1.1 mi and turn right into the obvious construction area, and follow the signs up the hill to the site. TO THE PLANT HOLDING FACILITY: 27101 Duthie Hill Rd: from I-5 or I-405 take I=90 east to the Front Street exit in Issaquah. At the end of the exit ramp, turn left. Turn right onto Issaquah-Fall City Road before Home Depot. Just past Endeavor Elementary School, stay left onto Duthie Hill Rd. Watch for event sign and wooden fish by driveway on right.

*****Student Services*****
More majors! Our undergrad enrollment has topped 250...more details to come soon!

*****Continuing Education*****
As soon as Anderson 22 has a clean bill of health, there will be a slight change made in reserving Anderson 22. Patricia Gomez, the new Program Coordinator for Extension and Outreach is now the manager for Anderson 22. Patricia will oversee the reservation system and usage of Anderson 22 for the college. The web page with Anderson 22 calendars is still located at: http://www.cfr.washington.edu/Outreach/Anderson22/Anderson22.html The email to be used for reservations has been changed to cfrevent@u.washington.edu . Reservations may also be made in writing on the reservation form located at: http://www.cfr.washington.edu/Outreach/Anderson22/resform.html

Dr. David Thorud and Dr. Clare Ryan have organized a brown bag seminar on the subject of how the UW functions as an agency of the state government of Washington. Speakers from the UW Government Relations office and other experts in this area are being scheduled for the seminar to take place during the week of November 8, 2001, 12:00-1:00. The session will be open to the entire UW community and will be of interest to faculty, staff and students. For more details, visit the Enrichment web page: http://www.cfr.washington.edu/outreach/Enrichment/Announce.html

Mark your calendar for the next CFR Showcase, November 2, 2001, 3:30PM to 5:00PM in the Lockwood Forest Club Room. The showcase will focus on the fine work being done at the Center for Urban Horticulture and the Washington Park Arboretum. Many CFR alum and members of the public are being invited to this event since CUH and WPA have touched the lives of so many citizens of Washington. An agenda for the Showcase will be finalized this week. Further information will coming to you email INBOX soon.

The Straight Grain Volume 7 Issue 3
Table of Contents
Dean's Office
Continuing Education Classes
New CFR Homepage
CFR Book Drive
Elissa Ostergaard will present "Pond-breeding amphibian use of storm water ponds in King County, Washington" on Monday, October 8 during the ESC 455 & 554 seminar in 260 Bagley Hall. The public is welcome!
You are cordially invited to The President's Annual Address to the University Community, 3:30-4:30 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 9, 130 Kane Hall. Reception to follow in the Walker-Ames Room.
Dean Bare and President McCormick will participate in a tree-planting ceremony Thursday, Oct. 11 in honor of the September 11th attacks. See "Day of remembrance" below.
*****Dean's Office*****
In response to President McCormick's announcement of a Day of Reflection to take place next Thursday, the College of Forest Resources has made arrangements for a tree to be planted in memory of the victims of the September 11 attacks. The tree (cornus controversa, a variety of dogwood that grows in Asia and the Middle East) and a teak garden bench with a memorial plaque will be dedicated during a ceremony on October 11th. The selected location is just outside the Jackson School of International Studies, across King Lane from the Hub Garden. Quite a number of schools and colleges are joining with CFR in this event; the dedication will be attending by President McCormick and other members of the University administration. You are all invited to attend this brief ceremony. Scheduling is still being worked out; we will send a notice of the time as soon as it is confirmed. SALMON BBQ: A HUGE SUCCESS
A big thanks to all the people who participated in the this year's annual salmon BBQ. Just a few of the folks who went far above and beyond the call of duty are: Greg Brazil, Sally Morgan, Art Brietsprecher, Dan Lorenson, Bruce Lippke, Kelley Duffield, Michelle Trudeau and of course PHIL HURVITZ!!! Thanks to everyone who came and enjoyed themselves.
Thanks to the staff of the financial services office for ensuring that 180 hourly staff will receive their paychecks on time, October 10. The University hourly payroll system is an almost paperless web-based system. Unfortunately, during the brief window of time that was allowed to enter online payroll information this week, thousands of students were registering and dropping classes causing the payroll system to slam to a halt. With the final inviolable deadline extended a mere two hours, to 7pm on October 3rd , Sandi Larsen and Jane Johnson went to the Payroll office and wrote out 180 names, social security numbers, appointment titles, pay rates and hours, by hand, so that hourly people would be paid on time. THANK YOU SANDI AND JANE!
Beginning Monday, we will have a new face in 107 Anderson. Patricia Gomez will be working with Continuing Education and Extension. Patricia was a graduate student here in Forest Resources, so you may already know her. If you do, stop by and say hello; if you don't, come introduce yourself and help us make her feel welcome.
*****CUH Continuing Education Classes*****
Sharon Collman is teaching "Crane Flies and Other Fall Pests" for the CUH Winter Quarter Pro Hort seminar program on Wednesday October 10 from 9 am to noon. Cost is $30. The class is in NHS Hall. To register, call Jean Robins at 206-685-2590.
On Wednesday evening October 17, City Arborist Nolan Rundquist will teach a class titled "A Street Tree Primer" in NHS Hall from 7 to 9 pm. Cost is $25. Discount of $3 for Arboretum Foundation Members. This class will teach the general public how to select, plant, and care for street trees.
*****New CFR Homepage*****
The new CFR homepage is up with a few changes. Most of them are obvious, but the Internal page is now under About the College>CFR User's Guide. We need more pictures for the random image, so this is a good way to let everyone know about your research projects, etc. Send gif or jpeg images to Marianne (melliott@u.washington.edu).
*****CFR Book Drive*****
DROWNING in publishers' samples, review copies, texts and reference works you don't use anymore? Here's a handy solution: Nan Little runs a program called STEP, Science & Tribes Education Project, which helps orient Native American students to college life. As part of her duties, she visits tribal schools, which she observes are woefully undersupplied. Your surplus books, journals, reprints, and so on could make a big difference in a classroom or on a library shelf! Box them up and contact Lynn Catlett (3-2740, lcatlett@u), who will coordinate. Nan will pick up donations and distribute them to the schools with which she works. Thanks! -Lynn