September 2001

The Straight Grain Volume 7 Issue 2
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Adam says, "Many thanks to everyone who contributed. Sorry about the lapse in service during the slower summer months; we're up and running now so send me good news!"
CINTRAFOR has two very important conferences starting Sunday: International Forest Products Marketing and Asian Housing Exports. Both of these conferences have proven to be valuable experiences for our faculty and students. For more information visit the web page at:
Don't forget the all-college salmon BBQ coming up October 3th.
The annual Arboretum Bulb and Plant Sale will be held Sunday, October 7, from 10 am to 4 pm at the Graham Visitors Center. It will feature 380 bulb species and 14 Northwest Plant Vendors. This is an opportunity to support the Arboretum.
Forestry Continuing Education - Please welcome Goldie Pontrelli, Program Coordinator who started work in the ForestCE office two weeks ago. Goldie came to us from Providence Hospital where she was responsible for Continuing Medical Education programs. She and Kelly O'Brian form a great team that supports the CFR's conferences, workshops and CE course offerings. Look for a new staff profile on Goldie in an upcoming CFR Quarterly magazine.
Rural Technology Initiative - RTI has been staffing up this summer with the following additions: Michael Andreu, Kevin Ceder, Jim McCarter, Mat McLaughlin, Elaine O'Niell, Luke Rogers, and Kevin Zobrist. RTI has quite an array of projects going on and in the works like the new Image Archive at:
The UW Experts List is a searchable database of faculty expertise that is available online. The web page address is: This is a really useful tool for anyone trying to determine who knows what about which. You can search by Expert Names and Titles, Interests, or Departments. The results can be sorted using the same categories. All of the CFR Faculty are listed (or should be).
Thanks to the small, but enthusiastic classic movie buffs who attended the three-film series that wrapped up this past week. The films shown were, "African Queen", "Casablanca" and "All About Eve". Unofficial review comments: "I did not know Bogart could be so funny." "The projector and sound set up in the club room was cool." "I know the way Casablanca ends and I still love to watch that movie." "I hate Ingrid Bergman... no one should look that good in black and white."
New graduate students are here, and we are offering our annual orientation next Wednesday, September 26th. The students also have the option, for the first time, of attending a new graduate student retreat at Pack Forest on September 27th and 28th. Mason McKinley and Bob Edmonds will be leading the students in some field skills and NW plant identification courses, and the students will have an opportunity to get to know each other before heading down their degree paths.
This year is again the biggest freshman class ever, so put on your seatbelts for the first day of class, OCTOBER 1st. CFR has over 36 new students (as of this moment), and we are hoping to get more more more! We are participating in the DAWG DAZE Academic Fair in Red Square on October 3rd--and don't forget to mention the majors in your classes, and invite student services to come talk if you have some time!
The Nihon University program for 2001 was a great success again this year. Frank Greulich headed up the group of faculty that conducted an intensive 10-day Survey of Washington Forests course for 14 Japanese undergrads accompanied by two forestry professors from Tokyo. Participating faculty included: Edwin Miyata, Don Hanley, Dave Peterson, Gerard Schroeder, Dave Manuwal, and David Briggs. Kelley Duffield and Kelly O'Brian were TA's during the course. English language instruction was provided by Allyson Kemp of the UW English Language Programs office. Enthusiam for the course is likely to lead to a Memorandum of Understanding between the two universities which may enable our students to visit Japan on an exchange basis! The Forest Ecology for International Students course ran from August 15 through September 15 again this year. The program was so popular this year, that we made an exception and raised the maximum allowable enrollment. Thanks to CFR faculty: Tom Hinckley, Linda Brubaker, Bruce Larson, Don Hanley, and Dave Manuwal. This program just gets better every year and we hope to invite new faculty to participate next year.
We are happy to announce that Monica Ravin has been promoted to a professional Educator Coordinator position. Monica had assumed many of the duties of this position when Julie DeBarr resigned. She has done an exceptional job and we are happy to assist in this promotion. Monica is in charge of the Saplings and other family education programs in the Washington Park Arboretum.
A celebration to honor the first stage of completed Renovation work in the Pinetum on the western edge of the Pinetum was held September 19th. About 40 Arboretum Foundation Board Members, volunteers, and staff met at the site and had an opportunity to see the results of the first $10,000 grant. The AF has obtained $30,000 from the Miller Foundation to continue the next stages of the renovation program. Last year 25 new conifers were re-planted in the area. Major invasive trees and shrubs have been removed.
Trevor Wierson is the temporary facilities manager in the Graham Visitors Center. He can be reached at 206 543-8801.
The Washington Park Arboretum web site has a new domain name:
Fall Quarter Continuing Education classes are listed on the CUH web site under Click on the "Education Programs and Outreach" button.
*****PACK FOREST*****
Pack Forest is sad to announce that Donna Chapman has left her position as Information Specialist after 5 years in that position. In that time Donna has instituted many new and exciting outreach programs including collaboration on "Where the River Meets The Forest", a Project Learning Tree program, and an educator's guide to Pack Forest. This program trains teachers to use Pack Forest and how to interpret the forest. Donna will be moving to Eugene, Oregon with her husband and two children.
As of August 1st the Pack Forest dining hall staff and operations have come under the direction of Pack Forest after many years under the direction of Housing and Food Services. Pack Forest would like to welcome Georgiann Crouchet, Patty Darling, Kristy Gilbertson, Lorena Henneberry, May Ingle, Shirley Johnson, Ronda Marling, Jeanette Mooers, Karen Woodcock and Travis Woodcock to the Pack Forest Staff.
The Forest Ecology for International Students (FEIS) program has finished its four week program at Pack Forest. It this, it's sixth year, the FEIS students performed a number of work projects at Pack in addition to the many field trips, lectures and presentations by CFR faculty and English Language Programs instructors. The work projects included stream surveys to type and classify forest streams in accordance with DNR "Forest and Fish" rules, a bear damage survey to examine the effectiveness of Pack's new bear feeding program, assistance with Continuous Forest Inventory measurements and finally, the construction of the "27 Creek" interpretive trail that was designed by the FEIS 2000 students last year. This year's group included ten students from Japan, nine from Germany and one from Nepal.

The Straight Grain Volume 7 Issue 2
Table of Contents
Another CFR Form Goes Digital
Computing Tip of the Week
Reduce Re-use and...what was that other one?
Outreach News
Enrichment News
Don't forget the all-college meeting at 3:30 on the 3rd. Followed by the annual Salmon Barbecue!!!
The building key request form is now in cyberspace: Skip the trip to get the form from the Dean's office. Just grab it from the web, print, fill it out and go by Greg Brazil's desk with the completed from between 3:30pm and 5pm. Life gets a little easier!
*****Computing Tip of the Week*****
Have you visited the CFR Information Technologies page lately? I just did and found some great features... like changing your CFR server password from your computer, and minutes from the college's Computing Committee. -Kelley Duffield
*****Reduce, Re-use, and Recycle*****
CLOSE THE LOOP! 100% Post-Consumer Recycled Paper is Now Available in Seattle! Pick up a ream for your personal printing needs and cast a vote for sustainability. Visit the University Bookstore Computer Center at 4300 University Way. The paper performs as well as standard paper, even for high-speed photocopying. For more information on recycled paper resource issues and what consumers can do to help, visit -Noel Studer
*****Outreach News*****
The Center for International Trade in Forest Products (CINTRAFOR) held "The International Forest Products Markets Conference and the Asian Housing Export Conference" from September 23-26, 2001. As in previous years these conferences were held at the Seatac Marriott Hotel with a slate of fine international speakers on global forest products markets and opportunities in Asian housing products. Given recent world events and an economic climate that was sluggish before September 11th, the CINTRAFOR faculty and staff were pleased with the turnout. Despite the constraints to air travel and the added market instability, the conference went forward accomplishing its goals. Congratulations to all the folks at CINTRAFOR and to the ForestCE Program who worked with them to make the conference a success.
Dr. David Thorud and Dr. Clare Ryan have been working on a brown bag seminar on the subject of how the UW functions as an agency of the state government of Washington. Speakers from the UW Government Relations office and other experts in this area are being scheduled for the seminar to take place during the week of November 5-9th. The session will be open to the entire UW community and will be of interest to faculty, staff and students. More details soon!