ESRM 401, Spring 2010
Spring Comes to the Cascades
Instructors: Tom Hinckley & Julie Combs

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Species including Understory, Overstory, Invasive, Soil and Disturbances, Stresses (snow, diseases, insects) (04-20-10)



Factsheets: One of our field exercises focuses on the different species, disturbances and soils that we will encounter. You will be responsible for two of these for each field trip. Here are the steps one should take in preparing for these exercises:

  • Step 1: Julie will send you an email well before each field trip with an attached table that matches your name to two factsheets that you are responsible for during the actual field trip.
  • Step 2: Identify the factsheets you are responsible for developing and presenting in the field
  • Step 3: There are instructions on the template (template.ppt) or below (see Step 4).
    • References or sources can be Pojar and Mackinnon or Mathews or a wide range of different web sources (see below)
    • Bring factsheets with you (cover in plastic in case of rain)
    • Make sure factsheets are turned in at the end of the field trip for grading.
      • If you are worried about nature of factsheet and whether you are doing it correctly, send to me ( and I will give you feedback.

Step 4: How to adjust template for different topics (use examples and grading rubric!):

For tree and plant information:

Climate change tree and bird altases:

For soils information:


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