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Alina in Bob Marshall C. Alina Cansler
Fire and Mountain Ecology Lab
School of Environmental and Forest Sciences
College of the Environment
University of Washington

Cell: (206) 794-1630
Email: acansler @ uw [dot] edu 
Website: sites.google.com/site/alinacansler/


  M.S.., Ecosystem Analysis
  University of Washington, Seattle, WA

  B.A., Environmental Science, Politics
  Willamette University, Salem, OR

Curriculum Vitae

Research interests:

  • Understanding the causes and ecological consequences of spatial variation of burn severity
  • Examine the influence of climate change on temporal and spatial variation in fire regimes
  • Integrating contagious disturbance processes into climate-based models of vegetation distribution

Current project:

Post-fire regeneration at the alpine-upper treeline ecotone

Upper treeline environments have been hypothesized to be some of the most sensitive to changes in climate but research has shown that environmental variation and biotic feedbacks at local scale often override the influence of regional climate on seedling germination, survival, and recruitment. Additionally, climate change is likely to affect the occurrence and magnitude of disturbances process in these ecosystems. This study will use remote sensing data, field data, and spatial modeling to address the influence of local environmental and biotic factors and regional climate on post-fire tree regeneration at the alpine-upper treeline ecotone in the Cascade Range and northern Rocky Mountains.