Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Units

Pacific Northwest CESU


Welcome to the Pacific Northwest CESU

Mission: The Pacific Northwest Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Unit (CESU) is a partnership for research, technical assistance, and education to enhance understanding and management of natural and cultural resources.

The Pacific Northwest Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Unit (PNW CESU) is a cooperative venture between 11 federal agencies dedicated to natural and cultural resource management and 17 leading academic institutions and one state agency in the Pacific Northwest region. The University of Washington serves as host to the PNW CESU. To date, there are 17 Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Units, each representing a distinct biogeographic region of the Unites States, with all regions connected through a national network. The overarching goal of the CESU network is to improve the scientific base for managing federal lands by providing resource managers with high-quality scientific research, technical assistance, and education. Since its founding in October 2000, over $91 million has funded over 765 projects through the PNW CESU Cooperative Agreement.
The Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Unit Concept Management and stewardship of the nation’s public lands and waters requires skillful public service supported by sound science and responsive technical assistance.  Complex issues that transcend boundaries make it essential for agencies to work together. The word cooperative emphasizes that multiple federal agencies and universities are among the partners in this program. Ecosystem studies involve the biological, physical, social and cultural sciences needed to address complex resource issues, which include both natural and cultural resources (CESU Report to Congress, April 2000).

Last modified December 12, 2015