Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Units

Pacific Northwest CESU



National Park Service

Technical Representative:

Research Coordinator, PNW CESU  Pacific West Region
Box 352100, University of Washington
Seattle, WA, 98195-2100

Key Education, Research, and Technical Assistance Needs


ˇ         Strengthen  partnerships with the academic and scientific communities to promote research that enhances the management of protected natural areas and heritage sites

ˇ         Develop more collaborations with agency and university partners (projects, expert workshops, etc.) to define science and planning needs in response to climate change

ˇ         Develop adaptation strategies for coping with climate change

ˇ         Research and training in conservation of global species and environmental pollution

ˇ         Develop interagency interdisciplinary research, technical assistance, and education programs that integrate cultural and natural resource concerns and that provide avenues of communication between disciplines.

Technical Assistance

ˇ         Develop efficient ways to monitor the vital signs of natural systems

ˇ         Develop effective ways of sharing natural system monitoring information so that these data are useful to the surrounding agencies and communities outside the parks

ˇ         Training in restoration ecology

NPS Projects

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