Regional Forest Nutrition Research Project Vol III

Proceedings from the 1979 Forest Fertilization Conference
in Alderbrook Inn Union , Washington

Table of Contents:

Principles of Forest Soil Fertility (R.J. Zasoski)
Characteristics of Northwest Forest Soils in Relation to Productivity (E.C. Steinbrenner)
Nitrogen and Related Elements in Nutrition of Forest Trees (D.P. Lavender & R.B. Walker)
Productivity Assessment of Northwest Forests (C.C. Grier)
Mineral Cycling in Northwest Forests (D.W. Cole)
Reaction of Nitrogen Fertilizers in Forest Soils (J. Otchere-Boateng)
Moisture-Nutrient Interrelationships (H. Brix)
Current Problems in Design & Analysis of Fertilizer Experiments (P. Farnum)
Preliminary Guidelines for Fertilizing Less than Fully Stocked Stands & Mixed Species Stands (W.A. Atkinson)
Response of Douglas-fir to Foliar Fertilization (R.E. Miller)
Response of Western Hemlock to Nitrogen Fertlization & Thinning in the PNW (J. Olson, W.A. Atkinson & M. Rinehart)
Response of Western Hemlock and Sitka Spruce to Fertilization in Southeastern Alaska (A.S. Harris & W.A. Farr)
Response of Inland Douglas-fir and Grand Fir to Thinning & Nitrogen Fertilization in Northern Idaho
 (D.C. Scanlin & H Loewenstein)

Response of Ponderosa Pine & Lodgepole Pine to Fertilization (P.H. Cochran, C.T. Youngberg, E.C. Steinbrenner,
& S.R. Webster)

Response of California True Fir to Fertilization (R.F. Powers)
Growth Response to Fertilization in Relation to Growing Stock Levels of Douglas-fir (R.E. Strand & D.S. DeBell)
Biomass Production & Energy Relationships (D.G. Briggs)
Interactions of Sulfur with Nitrogen in Forest Stands (J. Turner)
Fertilizer Response in Mature Stands of Douglas-fir (R.E. Miller & S.R. Webster)
Comparative Effects of Ammonium Nitrate & Urea Fertilizers on Tree Growth & Soil Processes (J. Dangerfield & H. Brix)
Response of Northwest Forests to Elements other than Nitrogen (S.P. Gessel, E.C. Steinbrenner, & R.L. Williamson)
Response to Fertilization in Thinned & Unthinned Douglas-fir (R.E. Miller, D.L. Reukema, & R.L. Williamson)
Environmental Impacts of Forest Fertilization on Terrestrial Ecosystems (D.W. Johnson)
The Effects of Forest Fertilization on Wildlife (J.A. Rochelle)
Effects of Fertilization on Understory Vegetation (J. Turner)
Outlook for Nitrogen Fertilizers (E.A Hare)
Forms of Nitrogen Fertilizer (D.A. Russel)
Season for Application of Urea Fertilizer to Pacific Northwest Forests (P.E. Heilman, S.R. Webster, E.C. Steinbrenner,
& R.F. Strand)

Contracts & Logistics of Aerial Fertilizer Applications (S.J. Waterman)
Equipment for Aerial Fertilization (R. Kvamme)
Factors Affecting Aerial Distribution of Fertilizers to Forests (P.R. Barker)
Feasability of Hand Application of Urea to Forest Land in Western Washington (H.W. Anderson & M. Hyatt)
Growth Response Falldown Associated with Operational Fertilization (R.F. Strand & L.C. Promnitz)
Estimating Potential Response to Fertilizer Based on Tree Tissue and Litter Analysis (R. van den Driessche)
Ponderosa Pine & Douglas-fir Foliage Analyses Arrayed in Probability Distribution (P. Zinke & A.G. Stangenberger)
Use of Soil Testing to Predict Fertilizer (J. Shumway)
Corporate Strategies for Forest Fertilization (W.R. Bentley)

Incorporating Fertilization in Long-Range Planning (W. Voelker)
Tax Effects of Fertilization (B.B. Bare)
Energy Relations in Forest Fertilization (M. Switzer)
Effects of Fire on the Long-term Maintenance of Forest Productivity (G.O. Klock & C.C. Grier)
Effects of Utilization on Nutrient Regimes & Site Productivity (G.L. Switzer, L.E. Nelson, & L.E. Hinesley)
Nitrogen-fixing Plants to Replace or Supplement Synthetic Nitrogen Fertilizers (D.S. DeBell & R.E. Miller)
Forcyte: A Computer Simulation Approach to Evaluating the Effect of Whole-tree Harvesting on the Nitrogen Budget in Northwest Forests (J.P. Kimmins & K. Scoullar)


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