Regional Forest Nutrition Research Project Vol I

RFNRP Reports
  • Report #1  - Forest Fertilization and Stand Management in Western Oregon and Washington: Status and  Prospect
  • Report #2  - Nitrogen Assessment Workshop: May 19-20, 1982
  • Report #3  - The Regional Forest Nutrition Research Project Information Management System
  • Report #4  - Acid Tolerance of Pacific Northwest Conifers in Solution Culture
  • Report #5  - Responding and Non-Responding Installations as Affected by Differences in Plot and Stand Structures
  • Report #6  - Volume Growth and Volume Growth Response after Fertilization of Unthinned Douglas-Fir Stands
  • Report #7  - Using Nitrogen Fertilizer in Management of Coastal Douglas-Fir
  • Report #8  - Growth Response to Single and Multiple Fertilizer Applications in Thinned Douglas-Fir Stands
  • Report #9  - Volume Growth Response to Fertilization in Young Douglas-Fir Stands
  • Report #10- Sulfur Nutrition and Fertilization of Western Conifers
  • Report #11- Growth Response to Single and Multiple Applications of N Fertilizer Over 16 Years in Unthinned and Thinned Douglas-Fir Stands in the Pacific Northwest
  • Report #12- Regional Forest Nutrition Research Project Analysis History; Objectives and Achievements

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