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Status of Paired-tree Fertilization Installations (Type V)

As most of you know, the SMC began the process of selecting and installing paired-tree fertilization installations during the 07/08 field season with the goal of ultimately creating a suite of 40 installations in 15-25 year-old Douglas-fir plantations that are well distributed over the range of common parent materials.

Figure 1 and the text below summarize progress to date on installations that have been accepted. Instrumentation includes placing temperature and precipitation recording devices at each installation and is being funded by the grant received from AGENDA 2020.

Presently, most installations are on sedimentary or glacial parent material and relatively few on igneous parent material. Furthermore, as the color codes in Figure 1 indicate, there tends to be a north to south gradient; glacial parent materials tend to be most northerly, igneous tend to be the most southerly, with sedimentary parent materials more central. There also seems to be a gap in installations from the Cascades. Please note the gaps and weaknesses in the present coverage and contact Rob Harrison, Kim Littke, or Bob Gonyea if you have potential sites that can strengthen the study.

map of sites

Figure 1. Current Paired Tree Site Locations throughout the Pacific Northwest. Parent material is marked by color. Red pointers are from glacial parent materials. Green pointers are from sedimentary materials. Blue pointers are from igneous parent materials. Note: pointers for some installations overlap.

Sites by Ownership (From north to south):

British Columbia Ministry of Forests: The six BC installations are Steel Creek, Upper Campbell Lake, Pender Harbor, Rosewall Creek, Copper Canyon 1, and Copper Canyon 2. These sites should be installed and instrumented in the fall of 2008. They are all on glacial parent materials.

Washington DNR: The two DNR installations are located in northwest Washington. These sites have been installed and will be instrumented in fall 2008. They are on glacial parent materials.

Pacific Denkman: Three installations have been installed, all three in northwest Washington and will be instrumented in fall 2008. They are on glacial and sedimentary parent materials.

Green Diamond Resource Co.: Three installations have been installed and instrumented this summer; all are in western Washington. Two are on glacial parent material and one is on a sedimentary parent material.

Port Blakely Tree Farms: Four installations have been installed; all are in western Washington. They have been instrumented and a soil pit has been dug and analyzed. Two are on glacial parent materials and two are on sedimentary parent materials.

Weyerhaeuser Co.: Seven installations have been installed from western Washington to northern Oregon. All have been instrumented and soil pits have been dug in four of them. All are on sedimentary parent materials.

Cascade Timber Consulting: Two installations have been installed near Albany, OR. They will be instrumented during the 08/09 field season. They are mapped as sedimentary and igneous parent materials.

Lone Rock Timber Co.: Two installations in central Oregon were installed in fall 2008. They will be instrumented during the 08/09 field season. They are mapped as having sedimentary parent materials.

Roseburg Resources: One installation has been installed in central Oregon. It will be instrumented during the 08/09 field season. The parent material on this site is sedimentary.

Plum Creek Timber Co.: Four installations in southern Oregon have been installed, instrumented, and have soil pits dug. The parent material on these sites is igneous.