Current Students

Paul Footen

Paul Footen

Paul Footen is a second year graduate student working toward an M.S. in Forest Soils and Nutrient Cycling at the University of Washington, School of Forest Resources, Seattle, WA. Current research includes Long-term (Carryover) effects of N fertilizer on productivity of Douglas-fir stands in the Pacific Northwest. Advisor: Doctor Robert B. Harrison. In 2007 Paul earned a B.S. in Forest Management and Environmental Science & Resource Management, University of Washington, Colege of Forest Resources with emphasis on forest soils and sustainable forest management and ecology.

Rapeepan Kantavichai

Rapeepan Kantavichai

Rapeepan is pursuing a doctoral degree in Forestry Management Science. Her current major research interest is to solve integrated optimization problems for harvest scheduling with carbon market trade and wood quality constraints. Her recent research includes predicting branch diameter effects from tree characteristics and silviculture treatment, and wood density modeling from effects of silviculture treatment and climate influences in tree ring analysis.

Kim Littke

Kim Littke

Kim Littke has started her Ph.D. at the College of Forest Resources with Professor Rob Harrison in autumn 2007. She will be working on the Stand Management Cooperative Forest Fertilization Project. The focus of the project will be to find site and soil factors that predict the growth response of Douglas-fir to N fertilization. She received her master's degree from the College of Forest Resources in 2005 with Professor Darlene Zabowski. Her thesis was to determine if Ca deficiency causes sinuosity of Douglas-fir in S.W. Washington. Her research involved a greenhouse study using seedlings and a field study using lime and gypsum fertilization.

Carol Shilling

Carol Shilling

Carol Shilling, a PhD student with the School of Forest Resources in Professor Rob Harrison's soils lab at the University of Washington, joins us from Germantown, Maryland. Carol is working with Tim Harrington of the USDA Forest Service and Tom Terry of the Stand Management Cooperative studying the effects of competing vegetation control, and woody debris removal on Douglas-fir biomass and stem allometry as well as nutrient allocation.

Ben Shryock

Ben Shryock

Ben Shryock earned his undergraduate degree in biology from The Evergreen State College in 2005, and worked in a biotechnology lab before returning to school in 2007. He is earning his MS under the guidance of Dr. Robert Harrison. For his research project Ben is examining how urea fertilization affects the amount of carbon sequestered in the trees, soil and understory of plantation forests. After graduating Ben plans to earn his PhD studying soil-wildlife interaction in urbanizing landscapes.

Gonzalo Thienel

Gonzalo Thienel

Gonzalo Thienel is a Chilean wood engineer, who earned a M.S. degree from the College of Forest Resources at The University of Washingtonin in 2008 working on non-destructive evaluation of wood quality in standing trees. Gonzalo is currently  pursuing a PhD in Marketing in sustainable products under the advice of Dr. David Briggs.

Former Students

Hill, Andrew. (Ph.D. 2008)

Flint, Cindy. (M.S. 2007)

Vaughn, Nick. (M.S. 2007)

Strahm, B.D. (Ph.D. 2006)

Peterson, Kyle. (M.S. 2005)

Sucre, Eric. (M.S. 2005)

Amoroso, M. (M.S. 2004)

Licata, C. (M.S. 2004)

Senger, M. (M.S. 2004)

Ingaramo, L. (M.S. 2003)

Flaming, B. (M.S. 2001)

Gehringer, K.R. (M.S. 2001)

Pittman, S. (M.S. 2001)

Sonne, E. (M.S. 2001)

Wagoner, G. (M.S. 2001)

Sidell, A. (M.S. 2000)

Kassebaum, JoEllen. (M.S. 1999)

Christensen, G.A. (M.S. 1997)

Kirkland, Kelly. (M.S. 1997)

Vaughan, K.D. (M.S. 1997)

Mortzheim, J.T. (M.S. 1996)