Joshua Lawler

Joshua Lawler

Associate Professor
Landscape ecology; Conservation biology

Office: Anderson 202
Phone: 206-685-4367 
Email: jlawler@uw.edu


B.A., Biology and Environmental Studies, Bowdoin College, 1993
M.S., Wildlife Ecology, Utah State University, 1997
Ph.D., Ecology, Utah State University, 2000

Courses Taught:Quarter offered:
ESRM 250 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems in Forest Resources (5)Spring
ESRM 250 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems in Forest Resources (5)Winter
ESRM 441 Landscape Ecology (5)Autumn
SEFS 520 Introduction to GIS (5)Winter
Current Sponsored Research:
Assessing the Effectiveness of Core Areas for Greater Sage-grouse Conservation: a Spatially-explicit Demographic Approach Using Management and Resource Development Scenarios
Assessing the vulnerability of species and ecosystems to projected future climate change in the Pacific Northwest
Climate Change Avian Vulnerability Visualization and Analysis Tool for Land Managers: Expansion to NW-CSC with Dynamic Vegetation Simulations
Climate Change Vulnerability in the Pacific Northwest: a Comparison of Three Approaches
Comparison, Integration, and Application of Diverse Methods to Create a Climate-Adaptation Conservation Planning Database for Western North America
Helping Shrub-steppe Communities Adapt to Climate Change Using Valuation of Ecosystem Services
Incorporating Spatial Heterogeneity in Temperature into Climate Vulnerability Assessments for Coastal Pacific Rivers
Source and sinks: Elucidating mechanisms, documenting patterns, and forecasting impacts
Recent Publications:
Ibáñez, I., J. M. Diez, L. P. Miller, J. D. Olden, C. J. B. Sorte, D. M. Blumenthal, B. A. Bradley, C. M. D’Antonio, J. S. Dukes, R. Early, E. D. Grosholz, and J. J. Lawler. 2014. Integrated assessment of biological invasions. Ecological Applications 24(): 25-37
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