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SEFS Web Portal

The SEFS Web Portal will allow you to access on-campus resources from home in two ways:

  • Windows Files - Web based file access client
  • Network Access - VPN connection


Portal supports recent versions of the most popular web browsers on Windows, Macintosh and Linux operating systems. The first time you connect to Portal you must launch your web browser with administrative privilege so it can install some drivers. If you normally log in without administrative privileges (RECOMMENDED) the easiest way to do this is to right click on your web browser in your start menu, then click "Run as administrator".

To connect to the SEFS Web Portal point your web browser at:

Windows Files

Here you will find a list of directories you have access to. Typically these will be:

  • Home Directory - Your home directory on the network, sometimes called the H: Drive
  • CFR Main - The main shared directory, sometimes called the S: Drive

You can browse through these directories to find the files you want to access, download files, and upload files.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you use the "Load into browser" option a copy of the file will be downloaded to a temporary directory and any changes will NOT BE SAVED. Either use Save As and save the file to an appropriate location, or use the "Download and save locally" option instead of "Load into browser."

You can also access your files directly by using a VPN connection. See the next section for details.

Network Access

Here you will find VPN connections. You will typically have access to one named "VPN to CFR". When you click on this an encrypted network connection will be established from your computer to the CFR network allowing you to access resources that are normally not available off campus. Usually people use this to remotely control a computer or access files. Remote controlling a computer must be setup in advance.

To access files you must know the path, and how to tell your computer to connect to it. Here are some common examples:

  • Windows: \\\main
  • Apple OSX: smb://

If you can't find the files you're looking for contact SEFS-IT.

More Info

F5 Networks VPN Client for Windows
Client Compatibility Matrix

If you need assistance with anything please contact the SEFS-IT Helpdesk at or (206) 616-7365.