Printing to the Xerox Multi-Function Copiers from Mac OS X

Install the Print Driver

First you need to download and install the print driver.

Download the installer

Go to our supported driver list and take note of the IP Address. Follow the link and you will be directed to the driver download page on Xerox's website. Locate the correct driver and download it. You are downloading a Mac IMG file. Depending on your browser settings you may have to open the file you download, or it will open automatically. Once opened the image will be mounted and it's contents displayed.

Begin Driver Install

To begin the installation double click on the install file.
You will be warned "This package contains a program that determines if the software can be installed." Click Continue, and proceed through the wizard by responding as necessary.
When you reach the Select Printer screen, click the button on the right (see image) and enter the IP address for the printer you selected from the supported driver list.

Specify by IP
Specify Printer IP

If the IP address is entered correctly the make and model of the copier will be displayed, and will look something like the following image.
Click Continue.
The message "Print Queue Created" should be displayed. Click OK to dismiss the box and continue.

Select Printer Completed
Finished Installing Driver

Decide if you wish this to be the default printer and check or uncheck the Set Printer as Default box accordingly.
Uncheck the Print a Test Page checkbox.
Click Continue, then Close.


Rename the Printer

You should rename the printer so you will be able to tell which printer you are printing to. Here's how:

Click the Apple Menu, then System Preferences.
2. In the System Preferences window click Print & Fax
3. In the "Printers" list, on the left side of the Print & Fax window, select the printer you just installed.
Click the Options & Supplies button.
In the box labeled Name enter the name of the printer from the supported driver list, such as "AND115-Copier" and click Ok.

Create Saved Printing Presets

The first time you print you will need to create and save a set of Printing Presets to use when you print to the Xerox Copiers. Most of these settings will apply to all the Xerox printers, but you should check them each time you print to a new copier model and make sure you save any changes you make.


In an application such as Safari select File, then Print.
In the "Printer:" box select the Xerox Copier you need to create or adjust the printing Presets for.
If you don't see the detailed list of options, click the triangle to the right of the Printer selection box.

Select Printer
Select the "Accounting" settings (see image).
For Accounting System select "Xerox Standard Accounting or Auditron"
Select "Prompt for Every Job", uncheck "Mask User ID" and check "Mask Account ID".
The page should look like the following:
Select Xerox Features, and under that select Paper / Output.
For Job Type select Secure Print.
Paper / Output

Click the "..." button and set your Secure Print Passcode.

Secure Print Passcode

To keep from accidentally printing in color, select Color Options and set Color Correction to Black And White. This option will only be available on units that can print color.

Color Correction

Select Advanced.
Set Banner Sheet to Off.

Disable Banner
Pull down Presets, select Save As, and give your Preset the name CFR Copiers.
When you print to the CFR Copiers, make sure to select the CFR Copiers preset.
Save Printing Preset