Setting Up SEFS VPN for Windows 8.1

Initial Setup of the VPN connection

  1. From the desktop right-click the Network icon in the lower right of your screen and select Open Network and Sharing Center
    Open Network and Sharing Center
  2. Click on 'Set up a new connection or network'
  3. Select 'Connect to a workplace' and click Next
    Set Up a Connection or Network
  4. If you already have a VPN connection it will ask if you want to use that one, choose 'No, create a new connection' and click Next
    Connect to a Workplace
  5. Click 'Use my Internet connection (VPN)'
    Use my Internet Connection
  6. In the next screen enter the following information
    1. Internet Address:
    2. Destination name: SEFS VPN
    3. Check the 'Remember my credentials' and leave the others unchecked
    4. click Create

Connecting to the VPN

  1. From the desktop left-click the Network icon in the lower right of your screen to bring up the connections menu
    Connections menu
  2. Select the SEFS VPN connection that you created earlier and click Connect. If this is your first time connecting you will be prompted for a username and password.
    1. Be sure to include netid\ in front of your username
    2. Click OK
  1. Verify that SEFS VPN shows as connected.