Working with Portal.SEFS in OS X

Once you have connected to the Portal.Sefs VPN connection you now have the capability to browse file shares and remote to computers as if you were on campus.

If you have not yet created your VPN connection or are not sure how to connect we have written walkthroughs for Windows 8.1, Windows 7, and OS X.

If you are using an Windows computer please follow the instructions found under Working with Portal.SEFS in Windows.

Browsing File Shares

Browsing Windows file shares in OS X involves connecting to a server and mapping folders to a drive in Finder. First open Finder and under the Go menu select Connec to Server...

In the Connect to Server dialog box type smb://, in order to not have to type this every time you can click the + button to add it to your list of favorite servers. Then click connect.

When asked for credentials use 'netid\' as the Name: and your netid password.

When asked to select the volumes you want to mount, highlight Main and click OK

A new window will open and you will have access to the SEFS file shares.

If you have any questions on either of these processes or experience any trouble connecting, please contact SEFS IT by entering a service request through Jira, our new full-service management portal (NetID required for log-in). For other urgent questions, you can also call our helpline at 206.616.7365.