July 3, 2004


Starting in August, a new group made up of the College's administrative directors will be begin to meet.

The group is composed of Cecilia Paul (Communications), Marc Morrison (IT), Alice Meyer (Financial Services/HR), Sally Morgan (Dean's Assistant), Tom Mentele (Development), and Michelle Trudeau (Student Services).

This group will meet every two weeks to discuss and coordinate a myriad of issues that routinely arise -- primarily within the dean's office. It does not replace or duplicate the Dean's Council which also meets every two weeks. I expect the Administrative Directors Group to improve communications among functional areas of responsibility represented, recognize the overlapping nature of responsibilities within the dean's office, promote a more collegial and team oriented culture, and address issues, opportunities and problems in a timely and efficient manner. Sally Morgan will arrange for these meetings and will prepare the agenda and minutes for distribution throughout the College.

B. Bruce Bare, Dean

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