January 14, 2003

Dear CFR Staff,

In order to provide additional input into our budget discussions this academic year, I appointed an Ad Hoc Staff Budget Advisory Group in late November (see http://faculty.washington.edu/bare/budget6.html for the original charge letter). This group, like the EFC, will advise me on budgetary policy and priorities.

Members of this Advisory Group will be meeting with staff members beginning this week to gather information that will help them make fair and objective recommendations to me for budget decision guidelines and budget reduction options. I encourage you to carefully consider the impact of state funding on your area of the College and to share any thoughts or input you might have regarding the budget reduction process, priorities, and potential efficiencies.

You will also have an opportunity to engage in a face-to-face discussion of these issues on January 23rd at a meeting coordinated by the Advisory Group to include all staff members. I have asked for recommendations from this group to be provided to me on February 1st. Your cooperation with their efforts will provide me with an additional source of important input as we make critical budget decisions in the next several months.

Our intention is make the budget reduction process as objective, transparent, fair, and minimally disruptive to College programs as possible. Your active participation will greatly facilitate this process. I look forward to the recommendations that will be presented to me on February 1, 2003.

B. Bruce Bare, Dean

cc: CFR Faculty and Staff

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