May 21, 2003

Dear CFR Faculty and Staff,

It appears that the Legislature will not deliver a state budget for the next biennium in a timely fashion. This makes precise planning for necessary reductions to College budgets taking effect July 1, 2003 extremely difficult.

In consultation with the EFC, the College Management Council, and the faculty, the College will implement 2003-2004 budget cuts as outlined in my memo of April 8, 2003:

Please note that dollar reductions shown on the web site are approximate until we receive our final budget.

If units with state budgets have determined that reductions in permanent staff positions are necessary, those positions must be identified and communicated to the Dean's office by noon on May 28, 2003, so that layoff notices can be sent with adequate notice. For these purposes, any staff subject to a reduction in FTE or number of months served each year, must receive notification from the Dean's office. Maintaining the position at the current FTE and number of months but shifting compensation from state budgets to gift or grant budgets does not constitute a layoff or require a letter.

If the overall budget cut we are assigned is higher than the 5% reduction for which we are planning, the College will hold further discussions on how to manage additional reductions. This will necessarily be under extreme time pressure, which may preclude a full discussion with all interested parties.

If the overall budget cut is less than the 5% we currently anticipate, unit budgets will still take reductions as outlined in my memo of April 8, 2003. Funds not immediately required by the Provost will be held in the affected budget in a temporary status and will be at the disposal of the managing unit pending further cuts or reorganization. Given expectations for additional reductions in the permanent state budget the following year, it is prudent for us to take these steps today.

B. Bruce Bare, Dean

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