December 5, 2008

To All Members of the CFR Community

As announced in my November 26th budget message, we wish to form an Ad Hoc CFR Budget Advisory Committee (CFR BAC) composed of faculty, staff and students who will gather information from throughout the College and present advisory recommendations on how best to absorbed State budget reductions that are headed our way. Upon receipt, I plan to transmit the CFR BAC report to the EFC for their review and advisory recommendations.

The primary charge to the CFR BAC relates to the next biennium which begins on July 1, 2009. However, our College is required to take a $47,050 reduction in our permanent state budget over the remainder of the current FY. If the CFR BAC wishes to provide any recommendations on how the College might absorb this immediate budget reduction I request their input no later than February 13, 2009 so that the EFC may also review prior to submitting a final decision to the Provost by March 1, 2009.

As we approach these budget reductions, the budget reduction principles previously provided in our November 26th message (see above) must be kept foremost in mind. As an advisory committee, our newly formed CFR BAC will be meeting with managers of all CFR units (i.e., centers, cooperatives, administrative) that receive state funds to solicit their recommendations on how their unit will absorb budget reductions of 8, 10 and 12% should the need arise. These discussions should be carried out at a functional level by budget object code in order to protect individual privacy. The CFR BAC will also solicit ideas from all faculty, staff and students throughout the College, hold open meetings (as necessary) to present information, receive additional input and feedback, etc., and submit a report with recommendations to my office for further deliberation and action. My office will provide some basic budget information for the Committee and I will participate as much as required.

Members of the CFR BAC are: Professors Lippke (Chair), Toth (EFC representative), Ryan and Ettl (EFC representative), Ms. Anderson, Ms O'Shea, Mr. Churchill (Student), and Professor Turnblom (ex officio, EFC Chair). The Committee will begin its deliberations in early January and submit a final report to me no later than March 16, 2009. We greatly appreciate the time and effort of the CFR BAC as they help us analyze the best way to reduce our State budgets while protecting our options for the future.

B. Bruce Bare
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