August 10, 2006

To All Members of the CFR Community,

I am pleased to announce that the following new CFR faculty will join us this academic year. While some are already here in Seattle, others will join us in the coming weeks. Please join me in welcoming each of these outstanding scholars to our College and to the University of Washington.

  • Monika Moskal, Assistant Professor, Remote Sensing and Bio-spatial Analysis
  • Soo-Hyung Kim, Assistant Professor, Landscape Plant Science and Sustainable Management
  • Greg Ettl, Associate Professor (WOT), Director, Center for Sustainable Forestry
  • Renata Bura, Assistant Professor, Natural Products Chemistry
  • Jon Bakker, Assistant Professor, Natural Resource Restoration and Management
  • Sharon Doty, Assistant Professor, Bioresource Science
  • Christian Torgersen, Assistant Professor (WOT), USGS
  • Dean Glawe, Professor (WOT), Plant Pathology, WSU
  • Joshua Lawler, Assistant Professor, Quantitative Landscape Science

    To help welcome our new faculty, the College has organized a series of events that begins with a three-day tour of the College's remote research locations in western Washington. Accompanying the new faculty tour are current faculty and staff who will participate in a variety of discussion sessions that will introduce the new faculty to our College and the University. This will be followed by an All-College Retreat on September 25 where the new faculty will have an additional opportunity to become familiar with other members of the College community as well as a variety of on-going initiatives.

    B. Bruce Bare, Dean
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