August 31, 2004


The College of Forest Resources is committed to implementing and achieving independent certification of our operations at Pack Forest to the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) Standard.

We want to communicate our commitment of sustainable forestry to everyone with responsibility for implementing the SFI Standard, as well as appropriate contractors and partners. We want to ensure that all of our internal staff and partners in the forestry community understand and are encouraged to help us implement and achieve the SFI Implementation Policy.

An important element of the SFI Standard is an annual management review to foster continual improvement. I would like to ask for your input and feedback on ways that we can effectively implement our policies and improve our SFI program over time. Your input into our progress review, evaluation, and assessment will help ensure that we continually improve upon and achieve sustainable forest management.

If you have any questions regarding the Pack Forest SFI Implementation Policy, or suggestions for how to improve our Sustainable Forestry Initiative Program, please feel free to contact me or Mr. Mason McKinley, Pack Forest Staff Forester, at 306-832-6534.

B. Bruce Bare, Dean
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