March 15, 2002

To CFR Community:

The CTRANS Committee has recently distributed some of its planning documents. I encourage you to review them and respond to the committee with your suggestions.

I write to clarify the process that we will follow in adopting any major change in the undergraduate curriculum of the College.

Section 26.41 of the Faculty Code sets forth Procedures for Reorganization, Consolidation, and Elimination of Programs (RCEP). Any action that results in "a significant change in the overall curriculum of a college or school" or "elimination of a program" cannot be implemented until the review procedures dictated in Section 26.41B are completed. Thus, at such time as a curriculum design is formulated by the CTRANS Committee, and the College faculty, as a whole, endorses a revised curriculum in sufficient detail to foster a change in our undergraduate degree offerings, I will submit that plan to the Provost.

These Code procedures (which I invite you to read in the University Handbook) require, among other things, a campus-wide notification of the proposed curriculum change and the appointment of committees to gather a broad spectrum of views on the proposal. Those committees will provide the Provost and President advice on the proposed curriculum change. In this review process, all members of the campus community, including those inside the College and elsewhere in the University, will have the opportunity to provide their views. This will follow the extensive solicitation of views already sought by the CTRANS Committee.

This process, if carried out in a timely manner, may very well carry forward through Spring and Autumn Quarters 2002, which would mean that any decision by the College faculty to revise our curriculum could not be implemented immediately. The RCEP process has to be fully completed before any major undergraduate curriculum change can be implemented. I wanted to inform everyone in the College of the procedures that need to be followed to ensure a full institutional review of the College of Forest Resources undergraduate curriculum plans.

If you have any questions regarding this process please let me know. Thank you and best wishes.

B. Bruce Bare, Dean

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