October 29, 2003


Yesterday, the CFR RCEP Review Committee Report was received by the College. The Committee recommendations are supportive of the new undergraduate and graduate initiatives the faculty approved during the past academic year. In addition, the Committee made some recommendations related to additional activities we might wish to address that would improve the new ESRM major. The report contains six recommendations as follows:

  • the University approve CFR graduate proposals
  • CFR adopt a single integrated undergraduate major
  • CFR develop specialized tracks within the single integrated major that lead to College-level certificates
  • CFR faculty fully develop the integrated major beyond the four core courses
  • the University conduct a campus-wide review of environmental education
  • all colleges review their RCEP procedures

    I invite you to review the full Committee Report and all previous CFR-RCEP documents. I believe that we need to carefully explore these recommendations as we begin to implement our new ESRM curriculum.

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