March 17, 2006


As a follow up to my October 7, 2005 message soliciting proposals for increasing the percentage of paper recycled at the UW, I am pleased to report that the Dean's Council has recommended that the $500 prize be awarded to Ara Erickson and Matt McLaughlin for their proposal to decrease the amount of compostable/soiled paper now going into area landfills. This category of waste paper represents more than half of the estimated lower campus paper waste.

The proposal suggests that the College more actively participate in the campus composting program for soiled paper such as paper cups, napkins, plates, coffee grounds and filters, tea bags, and food scraps. We would tie into the UW's Food Waste Program which provides for collection of these materials and sends them to the Cedar Grove Composting facility. A container is currently located in the C-10 parking lot and one could be placed at CUH as well.

Implementation of this proposal will require additional attention with respect to costs and logistics. If successful, it will allow us, and perhaps other campus units, to recycle a substantial volume of soiled paper and food products that presently enter the landfill.

We wish to congratulate Ara and Matt for bringing this to our attention.

B. Bruce Bare

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