December 16, 2001

Dear Colleagues,

As expressed in earlier messages, we are engaged in a transformation of our College. One of the areas that requires considerable thinking and energy involves the re-financing of College programs. This involves activities such as increasing the research funding base; improved outreach activities; initiation of self-sustaining academic programs (i.e., certificate and evening degree programs); and increased development activities to name a few. In this memo I wish to address the topic of increased research funding.

As a College located in a public research university, we cannot, for a moment, forget the centrality of research to our core mission. And to meet College-level expectations, as well as the expectations of the central administration, our funded research activity level must increase. Thus, I wish to establish a New Initiatives Team (NIT) as a standing committee within the College. They will assist me in setting a reasonable target and time line for increasing the level of research funding in our College.

At a meeting with our center directors a few weeks ago I asked for guidance on this issue. Our discussion led me to conclude that resources should be focused on discovering, developing and promoting new research funding initiatives for the College following the successful "Incubator Team" model of a few years ago. I will provide an annual budget of $25,000 to finance the activities of this Team.

Accordingly, I ask the following if they will agree to become members of the New Initiatives Team. The NIT members were chosen after consultation with the center directors, division chairs and the management council.

Co-Chairs: Fridley and Marzluff

Members: Brubaker, Calhoun, Lippke, Franklin, Henry, Northey, Perez-Garcia, Reichard, Schreuder, Shulenberger, Strand, Turnblom

Staff: Duffield, Johnson (Ex Officio), Morgan, St. John, Wall

Mission: The basic goal of the NIT is to increase the sustainable research-funding base of the College. To accomplish this, the Team will develop strategies for enhancing, facilitating, encouraging and coordinating - where appropriate - the various research entrepreneurial activities and centers within the College. If needed, the NIT will identify possible funding sources and mobilize multidisciplinary teams to develop a number of viable project proposals. To support the College theme of sustainability it is expected that projects identified will contribute to sustainable forestry, sustainable urban environments and/or sustainable enterprises initiatives, in so far as possible.

In achieving its mission the NIT will look for opportunities to: 1) maintain existing interdisciplinary activities; 2) initiate new cutting edge research opportunities; and 3) create interdisciplinary research teams to address cross-disciplinary problems.

Typical Tasks/Responsibilities:

Identify important research questions of interest and relevance to our mission, vision and goals focusing on the strengths of College researchers, future directions of the disciplines, and benefits to our constituents. To support the College theme of sustainability it is expected that projects identified will contribute to sustainable forestry, sustainable urban environments and/or sustainable enterprises initiatives.

Develop funding sources to better utilize our multidisciplinary capabilities while pursuing areas we strategically want to emphasize.

Prepare effective, targeted scientific communications/presentations for interested groups -- especially groups that influence funding, such as legislators and their staffs, industry groups, government agencies, and environmental groups that support scientific studies.

Provide leadership in packaging high visibility presentations on research in ways that will result in broader distribution to target constituents, e.g., video for company or agency retreats, distance learning, computer games, web-based technologies.

Market publications on research findings aggressively through the College and other newsletters and web sites. Prepare, distribute and maintain a wide array of "Fact Sheets" in paper and electronic form.

Emphasize and contribute to the goal of raising research money to support entering students.

Coordinate actions with Centers/Cooperatives, Continuing/Public Education, Outreach, and the College Planning Committee.

Assist the College development officer and Centers in establishing strategies and priorities for pursuing useful funding sources.

Along with Centers/Cooperatives, focus outside relationships to employers and Legislators.

Periodically interview existing interdisciplinary team leaders and center directors to understand their existing tasks, strengths, and needs.

Distribute minutes of meetings.

B. Bruce Bare, Acting Dean

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