December 8, 2001

Dear Colleagues,

Although we do not yet know the type of divisional structure we may have in place next academic year, I wish to announce a new policy for utilizing salary dollars released as faculty go on sabbatical leaves.

Beginning July 1, 2002 the Dean's Office will return 50% of the released general operating faculty salary funds to the appropriate division. These monies may be used to pay for instruction normally offered by the person on sabbatical. The other 50% will remain in the Dean's Office.

Divisions should not assume that courses released by faculty on sabbatical will be offered unless the division recovers enough money from the sabbatical recapture or other sources to pay another instructor. In the absence of adequate funding, courses may have to be cancelled and in some cases, sabbatical release funds may be used for other instruction-related purposes. Requests for additional funding for replacement instructors may be submitted to the Dean's office annually by April 15. However, commitments to instructors should not be made prior to funding approval.

I encourage chairs and faculty to think creatively about the scheduling of Summer Quarter courses, both as a source of funding for courses not taught during the academic year and for courses historically taught by non-tenured faculty on state dollars.

As in the past, salary dollars associated with unfilled faculty positions continue to accrue to the Dean's Office.

B. Bruce Bare, Acting Dean

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