April 12, 2006

With the arrival of our new faculty hires, space needs around the College will become more acute. In anticipation, the CFR Resources Committee has updated the College's Space Allocation Guidelines and recommends their adoption. A copy of the updated space guidelines and a Space Allocation Request Form are attached. As of April 12, I concur with these recommendations.

Also attached is a table showing the CFR Resources Committee's recommendations for office/lab assignments for the new faculty. Also shown are other faculty office/lab reassignments. I also concur with these recommendations as of April 12.

The CFR Resources Committee has also developed a longer term office/lab allocation schedule for additional new faculty as they join the College. Because of the uncertainty over their exact arrival dates, we will defer distribution of this schedule until more certain information is available. It appears, however, that we will have adequate office/lab space to meet the pending needs.

B. Bruce Bare, Dean

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