June 19, 2005


On June 3, 2005, the College Resources Committee discussed three pending space issues, but did not propose any final actions. The three issues discussed were previously covered in a previous College Resources Committee meeting on April 17, 2005.

Our discussion of space issues on June 3 provided additional information to supplement that of our prior space discussions on April 17th. At the April 17 meeting, we postponed decisions on Dr Ford's space request and the possible move of CFR IT from BLD 311 to BLD 156. A decision to locate Dr Dean Glawe to BLD 334 was approved pending completion of an MOU between UW/WSU and a positive faculty vote. These discussions are available for review.

On June 3, the following space requests were addressed:

a. Dr. Dean Glawe - office space

Office space in Bloedel Hall, Room 334 was approved on April 17, 2005 PENDING completion of a suitable faculty appointment in CFR for Dr. Glawe AND a signed memorandum of understanding between the UW and WSU. The faculty have approved Dr Glawe's faculty appointment, but the MOU has not yet been finalized. Thus, this space allocation is still PENDING. 6/3/05

b. Dr. David Ford

Dr. Ford seeks additional shared bench and office space to accommodate two new students in Winkenwerder 217 (Franklin and Peterson lab). Drs. Franklin and Peterson agree to discuss the use of a lab bench and office space to accommodate Dr. Ford's new graduate students. Additional discussion among plant science faculty regarding space issues in WINK is on-going. Thus, this space allocation is ON HOLD pending additional discussion. 6/3/05

c. CFR IT Group

CFR IT proposes to move into Bloedel 156 (510 square feet), 156A (76 square feet) and 156 B (77 square feet) - total 653 square feet and that the student teaching space presently assigned to this space be moved to 311 Bloedel (691 square feet). All computers presently located in Bloedel 311 will be moved to Bloedel 156. In essence, the computer lab would be moved from Bloedel 311 to Bloedel 156 with Bloedel 156A and 156B being used by CFR IT for work space.

We are waiting for more information on the costs of the relocation from BLD 311 to BLD 156 and the subsequent use of BLD 311. Thus, this request is ON HOLD pending additional information concerning costs of relocation. 6/3/05

B. Bruce Bare, Dean

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