January 18, 2004

Dear CFR Students,

In December 2003, UW President Lee Huntsman approved our proposal to consolidate the College's seven undergraduate curricula to a two-curriculum structure: 1) a revised paper science and engineering curriculum and 2) a new integrated environmental science and resource management curriculum. The President also approved proposed modifications to our College's graduate degree programs.

During the transition from our old to our new curricula, I want each of you to know that we are fully committed to working with you to accomplish your academic and professional goals. It is our intention to provide the assistance and cooperation needed to ensure that you have the opportunity to graduate in an orderly fashion under the curriculum in effect when you first declared your major (see graduation requirement details below).

All review procedures mandated by the Faculty Code under Section 26-41 have been completed and are available for review.

All undergraduate program changes are effective Winter 2004.

Pending final review and approval by the Graduate School and Regents, the proposed changes to our graduate programs will be implemented.

On January 16, the Regents approved our request to change the name of our professional master's degree in environmental horticulture and urban forestry from MFR to Master of Environmental Horticulture (MEH). Degree requirements remain as currently specified. Our proposed changes for a new professional Master of Forestry and existing Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy degrees are being reviewed by the Graduate School and will be presented to the Regents in due course.

Graduation Requirements (from the UW General Catalog)

UW graduation requirements for students pursuing a BSF degree are as follows:

"If fewer than ten years have elapsed since a student's admission into her or his major program, she or he may choose to graduate under the major program requirements in effect at the time of admission, or under any subsequent requirements. The choice shall be subject to approval of the student's departmental chair and dean, according to the procedures established in Section 23-48 of the Faculty Code.

If the student wishes to obtain a degree after a lapse of more than ten years from the date of admission to the major program, she or he must meet the requirements in effect at the time of graduation unless permission to use earlier requirements is granted, either as a general policy or expressly for the individual student, by the department, school, or college whose requirements are in question."

All of our undergraduate students are requested to contact our Office of Student and Academic Services to clarify the set of degree requirements they seek to satisfy. Our staff will be pleased to work with each of you in this regard.

UW graduation requirements for students pursuing advanced degrees are as follows:

"Students must satisfy the requirements for the degree that are in force at the time the degree is to be awarded."

Graduate students are requested to meet with the chair of their supervisory or guiding committees if they have questions in this regard.

As stated above, it is our intention to work with each of you to ensure that recently adopted curriculum changes do not impede your progress towards your degree objectives.

B. Bruce Bare, Dean

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