April 27, 2006


An Ad Hoc ESRM Recruitment Committee was appointed on December 20, 2005 and charged with drafting a recruitment report that:

  • Provides the recruitment strategy rationale;
  • Provides a comprehensive recruitment plan, including on- and off-campus activities;
  • Reflects consultations with the Office of Undergraduate Admissions, the Undergraduate Gateway Center, and environmentally-oriented advising offices campus-wide;
  • Consolidates ongoing activities with new recruitment efforts;
  • Produces a calendar of recruitment activities and merge these with ongoing activities of the Student Services Office;
  • Describes suggested administrative arrangements and provides for periodic review of recruitment activities and their performance; and
  • Identifies additional resources that may be required of short- and long-term recruitment activities.

    As requested, the Committee completed its assignment with submission of its final report today. In order to move the implemenation process forward, I seek additional input from the CFR community in a timely manner.

    Thanks very much and best wishes.

    B. Bruce Bare, Dean

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