June 6, 2006


Recent conversation with the Office of the Provost suggests that we need to revisit and clarify our interpretation of the process we employ when faculty on nine-month appointments request payment of summer salaries that exceed 2.5 months.

First, a little background.

The University policy on this topic states:

"If consistent with funding agency policy, faculty on nine-month academic year appointments may accept grant/contract appointments during the summer for periods normally not to exceed 2.5 months in any one summer.

A faculty member requesting appointment for greater than 2.5 months in any one summer must submit a written statement through the dean to the Provost, via Academic Human Resources, indicating the intent to devote full-time effort during the summer employment period. It is preferred that this statement be submitted via email and should be addressed to the Dean's office, and copy the Office of Academic Human Resources, on behalf of the Provost."(see Academic HR)

As you know, "faculty at the University of Washington do not receive vacation" (University Handbook, Vol IV, Part IV, Chapter 2). Faculty hired on a nine-month basis are paid for nine months service and are expected to use summer for vacation periods. Faculty hired on a twelve-month basis are paid for 11 months service over a 12-month period. One month is available for vacation use during this time. Twelve-month faculty members should arrange vacation schedules with the Faculty Chair.

The Provost's Office interprets any request to be paid three months of summer salary (for nine-month faculty) to be treated as an 'exception' and not a matter for routine approval. In past years, we have granted such requests upon written request, but this practice will be discontinued.

Starting immediately, we ask that all requests for three months of summer salary (for nine-month faculty) be submitted to the Dean and contain the following:

1) the budgetary salary source(s)

2) an agreement to relinquish all vacation time during the period June 16 - September 15

3) an articulation of the 'exceptional' nature of the request and why the work cannot be completed in 2.5 months

4) whether such a request was approved in any of the previous three years

If the Dean approves, a copy of the return email will be copied to Academic HR.

B. Bruce Bare, Dean
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