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  Class NameDateTimePlace 
1797Owls - Fiddleheads - Friday AM5/29/201510:00 AMWashington Park Arboretum$9.00
1820Fiddleheads - Owls - Friday PM (4-7s)5/29/20152:00 PMWashington Park Arboretum$9.00
1800Nature's Palette - Fiddleheads - Friday AM6/5/201510:00 AMWashington Park Arboretum$9.00
1821Fiddleheads - Nature's Palette - Friday PM (4-7s)6/5/20152:00 PMWashington Park Arboretum$9.00
1822Fiddleheads - Frogs and Salamanders - Friday PM (4-7s)6/12/20152:00 PMWashington Park Arboretum$9.00
1823Fiddleheads - Ducks and Geese - Friday PM (4-7s)6/19/20152:00 PMWashington Park Arboretum$9.00

Several classes are offered each week on a specific topic. Check the boxes above to register for one class each week for as many weeks as you like.

Classes are $18 for one adult and one child, $9 for each additional child. Additional children must be attending with the same adult. SERIES DISCOUNT: You may sign up for any 6 or more classes and receive a "series" discount - $14 for one adult and one child, $7 each addtional child.

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The number of participants should include the number of children and one adult. There is no charge for additional adults or children carried in backpacks, so don't include them in the number of participants.

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Caution: If you already attempted to register and received an error screen after submitting your credit card information, please do not try to register again. Call 206-685-8033 to complete your registration over the phone.

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